Hair and Skin Benefits of Curry Leaves (Kadi Patta)

Health Benefits of Curry Leaves

Health Benefits of Curry Leaves

Immense benefits of curry leaves make it as one the most commonly used ingredients in world cuisine. Curry leaves can be grown in a pot right inside your kitchen and if you have a kitchen garden then this is just the herb that is needed. Curry leaves have found extensive use in cosmetic treatments and home remedies for a variety of benefits ranging from the skin to the hair. Being of a neutral potency it is suitable for all body types and does not have any side effects. In fact, this is one of the herbs that can be used for all sensitive body types due to its hypo allergic nature as well.

Curry Leaves for Hair Growth

The best use of curry leaves is in well-kept hair. It has the properties to reverse greying of hair and also prevents hair fall. For the best concoction to be used, make your super hair oil by following the steps given below.

How to Make Curry Leaves Oil

  1. Heat coconut oil in a non-stick pan till it is heated enough and reaches boiling point.
  2. Add curry leaves and coriander (Dhania) seeds to it
  3. Let it burn the leaves and the coriander (Dhania) seeds
  4. After it has cooled down, add a few drop of essential oil if you want to have fragrance in the oil
  5. Sieve and drain and store in a jar for regular use.

This is an age old remedy for good and well maintained hair that has a life of its own. Apart from superficial application, curry leaves can also be added to cooked food and salads such that the nutrition is not lost. They lend a slight aromatic tangy taste to the food apart from, the rich benefits that seep into the body.

Curry Leaves for Skin

Curry leaves if ground and applied with besan on the skin can also help in removing any marks or spots in the skin. Most of the bridal Ubtan also has curry leaves to help the bride in getting rid of tanning.

Pot a plant of curry leaves in your house to utilize benefits of curry leaves and added nutrition.

We bet you did not know these strange uses of Curry leaves!

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