Girls with Nose Piercings and Their Struggles

Girls with Nose Piercings

You will struggle to find girls who don’t want to look beautiful. In fact, most modern-day girls love to dress up and wear accessories and makeup to enhance their appearance.

While doing so, these individuals often don’t hesitate to undergo painful procedures. So, you will come across a large number of girls who have pierced their nose in spite of knowing that it might result in a series of problems. This write-up would talk about various struggles a girl might face after nose piercing. Read on to know more.

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Finding the Right Hoop will Always be a Big Issue

The majority of the girls begin by inserting a tiny stud into their newly pierced nose. Some go for small metal studs, while others pick pieces with an elegant crystal adorning their top surface. You should also pick something similar to start with. Once the initial phase passes (it lasts for two to six months) and you start feeling a little bored with the months old stud, it would be a nice idea to graduate to an attractive hoop.

However, picking the right hoop is not easy; hoops are usually either too big or too small. You will need to invest a lot of time and effort for finding the one that matches the shape of your face and fits you perfectly. And the struggle is ongoing i.e. you will have to experience it every time you go out to buy a new hoop.

The Onlookers Might Think that you Have a Nose Goblin

This happens when the screw backing of nose studs refuse to stay in place. There are nose studs that come with straight backs as well as pieces that carry S-shaped screw backs. The problem is mostly caused by the latter.

Studs with S-shaped backs have a curvature, which keeps sleeping downward and often comes very close to the opening of the nostril. People speaking to you or standing in front of you will most likely notice this anomaly around your nose and wonder what exactly is coming out of your nostril. The situation is pretty embarrassing; isn’t it?

You will no more be Able to Wash your Face Carelessly?

Once you will get your nose pierced, washing your face will no more be a normal daily activity for you. You will need to wash your face as carefully as crossing a busy road.

Extra care would be needed particularly when patting your face dry with a towel. There’s no sharper pain than what you will be experiencing if you end up snagging the towel on the edge of the pierced nose.

Your Hair Might Get Caught in the Nose Ring

The feeling is not as painful as the one described above, but it’s surely extremely unpleasant. To put it more bluntly, you will have a feeling similar to what you feel when rubbing a chalkboard with your nails.

So if you have long hair and pierced nose, you must be extra cautious when blow-drying your locks and changing your clothes.

You will Find the Nose Pin Intolerable when Suffering from a Cold

In fact, it would be a good idea to get rid of the nose pin for a while when suffering from a cold (until you get fully cured, to be more precise).

Imagine adjusting the pin time and again with a runny nose; there cannot be a more annoying situation than this one. It will only make the health issue more serious as you will also have a restless state of mind. So, just forget style for a few days and concentrate on your health.

You will have a Tough Time Getting Rid of the Nose Piercing Scar

If you don’t want to make the nose piercing scar a permanent thing, start applying home remedies like honey, lemon juice, rosewater and sandalwood, etc on the affected region. This would slowly eliminate the piercing marks without harming the texture of your skin. We have written about all possible natural hacks you can try at home. Read here – home remedies to remove nose piercing scars.

It’s true that a pierced nose will bring in certain issues for you. However, if you really have the zest to look attractive, you should not stop yourself from undergoing nose piercing. The only thing you will have to keep in mind that you will have to be a little more careful even when doing minor things to sport the pierced nose without any trouble.

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