Giloy – A Single Herb to Cure Many Diseases and Amazing Health Benefits

Benefits of Giloy

If you are hearing the word Giloy for the first time, then do not be surprised. This wonderful herb is freely available. Just that it may have never caught your attention. The best part about Giloy is that it tastes as good as it looks. Though we have been brought up with a lot of care and we ourselves take a lot of care, yet the seasonal flu and cold keeps catching up again and again. The fever makes us feel restless and body aches cover in. This is where the right consumption of Giloy can cure the bout of fever and cold. And not only does it cure the bout which is there, it also makes sure that the fever and flu does not come back.

Here is How Giloy Helps

Also called Guduchi, Giloy is a common herb used in Ayurveda and is mainly used as a medicinal herb. When consumed with certain combinations it can help in healing a variety of ailments. Consider for example:

  • If mixed with castor Oil it can help to relieve gout
  • If you mix it with ginger, it can treat rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Mix it with sugar and it will ease liver and skin related issues
  • A classic combination with Ghee can treat arthritis and also used with jaggery to treat constipation.

A Piece of Advice

While this herb has benefits for almost all body types and ages people with diabetes should avoid using jaggery and sugar in combinations. Giloy in its own reduces the level of sugar in the body. In either case, a diabetic on an anti-diabetes treatment needs to consult a medical practitioner before trying this.Another thing to keep in mind is that though Giloy is safe for children aged above 5 years, this treatment should not be continued for more than two weeks at a stretch.

So bring home your stock of Giloy Now!

If you are tired of eating medicines for the common everyday problems, try Giloy for the most effective and immediate remedies at home.

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