Food Poisoning Home Remedies Ayurveda

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Food poisoning home remedies Ayurveda are a host of several natural herbs for food poisoning that will help soothe your stomach discomfort caused by food poisoning. These natural herbs have been used and attested to over the years. The people of India attest to the natural remedy known as the Ayurvedic remedy for food poisoning for decades.

Falling sick after eating food can be pretty confusing because why should we fall sick after eating for survival, you might say? This is caused by food poisoning, and this critical problem can be solved using food poisoning home remedies Ayurveda and this art.

Food poisoning is caused by consuming food that has been infected by bacteria making you fall sick for a few minutes, days, or weeks after eating.

Getting food poisoning at home can be quite disturbing, especially if you are unsure what home remedies to take. This is why we have put this article on food poisoning home remedies Ayurveda together to help you.

What is Food Poisoning? 

Food poisoning is a sickness caused by the contamination of water and food by bacteria and toxins usually found in fruits, vegetables, and other edibles.

The bacteria viruses you get from consuming contaminated food can get you sick. Thankfully, there are home remedies like the Ayurvedic medicine for food poisoning that you can promptly use once you start getting symptoms of food poisoning like stomach aches and diarrhea, which is usually the first sign or even fever.

Now, one thing you should note is that food poisoning cases differ from person to person. Every case of food poisoning is unique and should be treated as such.

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Let’s quickly explain the causes of food poisoning.

Causes of Food Poisoning 

Food poisoning occurs when either cooked or raw food has been contaminated with harmful toxins. This can happen during the processing of the food or even during harvest.

You get food poisoning when you don’t let your food heat for some time before turning off the heat. You can also get your food contaminated when you don’t store your food correctly and consume expired canned food.

20 Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Food Poisoning 

Ayurvedic home remedies for food poisoning are easily sorted and can be found in your kitchen and your local stores. These herbs are the best Ayurveda food poisoning remedies, and they can give you instant relief. These Ayurvedic home remedies are:


Ginger has been known for its natural prowess. This herb is used for cooking various dishes and is also used as medicine due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Taking ginger for food poisoning helps relieve your stomach and fight against the toxins from the contaminated food. 

Boil two big chunks of ginger without peeling off the back in a pot, or let it sit in warm water for 20 minutes, then add a teaspoon of honey and drink. You can drink this as many times a day as possible. Drinking warm water infused with ginger also helps with weight loss. 


Garlic has antibacterial and antifungal properties, a perfect and effective herb for food poisoning relief.  

To use garlic to help relieve you from contaminated food, you should swallow one peeled garlic with a cup of water three times a day. Alternatively, you can squeeze out the garlic juice, mix it with honey and sip it three times a day to help soothe your pain. 

Apple cider vinegar 

Apple cider vinegar possesses alkaline, which helps to reduce acidity in your stomach walls. When taken as and when due, this helps to bring you relief gradually. 

To use apple cider vinegar, mix two tablespoons of it with warm water and sip using a straw and rinse your mouth with warm water immediately after use. We advise you to use a straw because ACV is quite strong and can change the color of your teeth, and that is not what you want for your beautiful set of teeth. 


Honey has antibacterial and antifungal properties, which makes it one of the most powerful home remedies for food poisoning.

To use honey, simply take a teaspoon of honey, or you can mix it with warm water and consume it twice daily until you feel better. 


Lemon possesses potent food poisoning fighting anti-inflammatory properties, antiviral and antibacterial, which help to treat abdominal discomfort and kill the virus, causing you to suffer from food poisoning.

Mix lemon juice with a glass of warm water and consume. 


Basil leaves are aged long Ayurvedic home remedies for food poisoning that have been verified for a long time. With its anti-inflammatory properties, this leaf helps to balance the acidity in your stomach. 

To use this, extract the juice from a few sticks of basil leaves and mix well with honey, and drink. This can be taken 3-4 times a day. 

Oral hydration mixture 

When you are down due to food poisoning, your body also becomes dehydrated. To help your body replenish the lost fluid, it is advisable to use the oral rehydration mixture.

You can do this by mixing two cups of lemon juice and sugar or salt and consuming it immediately every day till your body regains its lost fluids. 

Cumin seeds

Cumin seed is also known as jeera. This seed is one of the popular home remedies for treating food poisoning because it speeds up digestion. 

You can use this by boiling the seeds and adding fresh coriander juice. This should be consumed twice a day. 


Peppermint possesses antispasmodic properties which relax the digestive system and, in turn, help to alleviate your symptoms. 

You can also get a bunch of mint leaves, boil them, and consume them twice daily.


Just like the popular saying, “water is life”, in critical situations like food poisoning, consuming a lot of water can effectively help flush the toxic chemicals from your system. It is advisable to take a glass of water every 30 minutes. Sometimes, this even preempts you from having food poisoning.

Coriander Leaves

Coriander leaves are mostly used for cooking, but it also serves as a great remedy for food poisoning. 

Put some coriander leaves in a cup of water and store them in the refrigerator for them to get well infused and drink first thing in the morning.

Cold Milk

If you do not suffer from lactose intolerance, then cold milk is perfect for helping relieve your pain by helping to reduce the acidity in your stomach.

It is advisable to take a glass of cold milk immediately after you start experiencing symptoms of food poisoning. 


This might look a little bit confusing, but yes, bananas have been known to effectively cure food poisoning. This light food is rich in potassium which helps to balance and contract the linings of your stomach. 

When eaten at least once a day, be sure to be free of constipation and food poisoning-related illnesses. 

Fenugreek Seeds and Greek yogurt 

Fenugreek seeds are herbs with amazing health benefits, and Greek yogurt has been known to balance the body’s PH level. Fenugreek seeds help with inflammation due to their soluble fiber properties. And this is why it is recommended as a remedy for food poisoning. 

Consume fenugreek seeds by swallowing them or mixing them with plain Greek yogurt, as this helps your system to work on them faster. 


Apple extensively decreases reflux and heartburn. It restricts bacteria that cause food poisoning in your stomach. 

The trick to not getting food poisoning from apples and other fruits is to wash them extensively under running water for approximately 10 minutes. 


Natural oils like olive oil, argan oil, thyme oil, etc., have been known to provide relief from food poisoning. These oils are loaded with natural benefits, which makes them effective. 

You can add a few drops of any of the oils mentioned above to a cup of water and consume it twice a day. 


Arishtaka also referred to as Risht in Hindi, is an Ayurvedic medicine for food poisoning. 

To consume this, we need to leave some of the arishtaka seeds in a bottle of water and let it soak for a few hours before consumption. 


Papaya is also one of the wonderful fruits that can be used to treat food poisoning. 

Cut your papaya into small chunks and toss them inside a cup of water. Boil it for 18 minutes and drain out the water then drink. 


Buttermilk helps to reduce acidity and constipation. When mixed with a spoonful of black pepper or dried ginger powder and taken twice a day, it helps soothe the stomach. 

Rice water

Food poisoning is always accompanied by dehydration and indigestion. This is why rice water with a pinch of salt is recommended to help hydrate and restore the essential salts in our body.

Tips to Prevent Food poisoning 

There are many tips that, when followed properly, can prevent us from getting food poisoning. These tips are not so hard to include in our everyday life as they are quite easy. 

7 Tips to Help Prevent Food Poisoning are:

  1. Always wash and sanitize your hands. Our hands are the gateway to our stomachs. Whatever we eat touches our hands first before finding its way to our belly, which is why it is important to constantly keep our hands clean.
  2. Meats should be properly cooked so that all the bacteria causing food poisoning can get killed in the process. 
  3. Our leftover food should be properly covered and stored in the refrigerator to prevent germs from penetrating it. 
  4. We should avoid getting expired canned food and drink. We should always make sure to check the seal of those canned foods to know their expiration date. This will save us a lot from the discomfort caused by food poisoning. 
  5. Milk, cakes, bread, and other dairy products should be consumed on the same day. Avoid storing them as they get easily contaminated.
  6. Use different chopping boards for meats and vegetables. You know, vegetables are washed before cooking, and when you use the same chopping board used for cutting meat to cut your vegetables, the germs from it can get transferred to your food because vegetables are not advisable to cook for a long time. 
  7. Utensils and other kitchen items should be kept clean and properly stored after every use. They should also be washed with hot water once every month to prevent food poisoning.

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FAQs About Ayurveda Treatment for Food Poisoning

Find natural food poisoning remedies using ayurvedic principles. Get relief from diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting with these tips.

What is the fastest natural cure for food poisoning?

The fastest natural cure for food poisoning is apple cider vinegar because it possesses alkaline, which curtails the acidity in our stomach.

What should we eat after food poisoning in Ayurveda?

We should consume bland foods like bananas, white rice, oatmeal, or honey. This helps to stabilize the walls of the stomach. 

Can lemon cure food poisoning?

Yes, lemon can cure food poisoning because of its antioxidant properties, which aid digestion. One glass of water mixed with lemon juice can cure food poisoning. 

How effective is water in curing food poisoning?

Food poisoning mostly makes you lose fluids, and this is where water intake serves as the effective cure. When you constantly consume water, it helps flush out the toxins from your body and, at the same time, helps you to stay hydrated. Take a glass of water first thing in the morning to help your body system rejuvenate. 


We hope this article has helped provide answers to your questions on food poisoning home remedies Ayurveda. Have you ever used any of these Ayurvedic home remedies for food poisoning? Please share your thoughts by commenting below, and don’t hesitate to share this post so that others can also benefit from it. 

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