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There are various factors that can lead to fever. It could be unhealthy food, a change in environment, or a change in weather conditions. When your body temperature rises, you have a fever. The change in temperature is how your body responds to fight off infection. Whenever a virus attacks you, your body temperature will rise, and you will start to experience fever symptoms. You might experience it for up to 2 or 7 days. 

It is important to visit the doctor when you feel feverish. It is easy to detect fever symptoms. Common symptoms fever patients experience is nausea, headache, weakness, and lots more. One of the best ways of treating fever is by using a natural remedy. That is what Ayurveda offers you. You only have to take your medicines. You will feel better, and you won’t experience side effects. You will learn more about fever home remedies Ayurvedic as we go further. 

How to Treat Fever With Ayurveda? 

There are various ways of using Ayurveda for fever treatment. They include Langhana, Vamana Karma, Virechana karma, and Basti Karma. Langhana means fasting. You can treat fever by fasting. Fasting helps to digest food better in the human body. Since most fevers arise from indigestion, fasting helps to treat the main cause. By using this method, you will feel light and a lot better. 

People fast in different ways. While some people avoid eating food while fasting, others eat light meals. Since there are other ways to treat fever, you might decide not to use the fasting method. You should only use a method that you like. 

What Causes a Fever According to Ayurveda? 

In Ayurveda, fever is known as jwara. Ayurveda believes that different factors can lead to fever. The significant factors are eight in total. They include vata, Kapha, vata-kapha, sannipatika, pitta, vata-pitta, and pitta-kapha. In some cases, fever is caused by other external factors. It could be grief, passion, or injuries. According to Ayurveda, fever originates from the stomach, mainly affecting the digestive fire. That is what later causes the generation of toxins. 

Even though the body becomes hot during fever, people don’t sweat. When sweating is induced, fever can be easily treated. When you identify the main cause of your fever, you can use fasting or digestive stimulants to treat yourself and become healthy. That is what Ayurvedic physicians recommend for the treatment of the condition.

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Ayurvedic Home Remedies to Lower Fever 

Fever is the way the human body responds to infections. It could be bacterial, parasitic, or other types of infections. There are also well-known non-infectious conditions that could result in fever. They include vein thrombosis and vasculitis. When someone has a body temperature higher than 38.3 degrees, such a person suffers from fever. If the fever is not treated immediately, it could lead to muscle pain and cold. 

Even though people suffering from mild fever don’t have to see a doctor, they should proceed to treat the pain caused by the fever. To treat children less than three years, you must contact the doctor. People with special medical conditions should also consult a doctor before attempting to treat fever. Indian home remedies for fever have been proven to be a reliable method of treating such people.

Here is everything you need to know about the treatment of fever with Ayurvedic home remedies. You don’t have to do much during the treatment when you’re experiencing the early stage of fever. All you need is light food. You can also consider fasting. In cases where you’re experiencing a high fever, you should consider using one or two of the Ayurvedic home remedies discussed below. 

Sudwarshana Choorna: 

You can consider taking sudarshana choorna. Whenever you do so, make sure you take it twice a day. You can combine this treatment with other forms of treatment for a faster result. This remedy for treating fever has zero side effects.

Ginger tea: 

Out of all the Ayurvedic treatment methods, taking ginger tea is the most comforting. It also comes with great value. It would help if you always combined your ginger powder with fennel seeds and clove. 


One of the simplest methods of treating fever is by employing the use of Vasaka leaf. For faster and better results, you should combine it with Shukti Bhasma. You should also take it a minimum of two times a day. 


If you don’t experience any other symptoms asides from fever, you should consider fasting for a day. It will help reduce the toxins in your system. 


As garlic can be used for fever, it can also be used to treat colds and coughs. Since garlic comes with antibacterial properties, its healing power is great, producing immediate results. 


Asides from the treatment of fever, you can use cinnamon for treating sore throat and cold. Since it contains antibiotics, it works against any flu. As you can use it with your tea, you can also mix the powder with your food. 


Even though this method is not popular, it is effective. Rice is an ayurvedic medicine for viral fever. You have to get rice starch. It can be gotten by boiling rice with water. 


Since raisins come with antibacterial properties, they can help you fight infections. You can use raisins to improve your body system whenever you have a fever. 


The basil route herbs effectively fight fever in the body. It works almost as well as antibiotics. You can combine the basil route herb with drink and honey for better results. 

Fenugreek water: 

Fenugreek water consists of great compounds, including alkaloids and other compounds that help to reduce infections. Fenugreek is popular and widely available. If you want instant relief, combine with lemon and honey.


By practicing the fish pose yoga style, you can extend your chest easily. That automatically extends your lungs and improves your breathing. It also works against other symptoms associated with fever. 

Coriander seeds: 

You can improve the functioning of your immune system by using coriander seeds. The seed consists of phytonutrients and important vitamins. If you want to improve the taste, you can add milk and sugar. 


Take warm water. You can combine it with tulsi leaves. When you drink this combination twice daily, it will help fight the fever in your system. You should always add Ginger whenever you’re combining tulsi leaves and water. 


While taking your breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can add some special spices to your meal. Spices such as cinnamon and cardamom are effective against fever. 


You can cook vegetables and use them to lower the fever in your system. It is important to know that raw vegetable doesn’t work against fever. You should prioritize the bitter ones over others. 

FAQs About Ayurveda and Diabetes

Ayur Health Tips shares with you the perfect home remedies to treat fever. These are easy and effective. Learn how to make them at your convenience.

What is the best Ayurvedic medicine for fever? 

There are many Ayurvedic medicines for the treatment of fever. Out of them, some stand out and have great reviews. They include Vettumaaran Gulika, Trishun tablet, Amritarishta, Mallet Tablet, Pyrid tablet, and Sudarshan tablets. As Vettumaaran Gulika works as a remedy for fever, it also works to treat digestive disorders. 

What are the home remedies for fever in Ayurveda? 

Home remedies for fever include herbal tulsi kadha, kudzu root, Turmeric milk, dry Ginger, and the likes. One of the most popular Indian home remedies for viral fever is the herbal tulsi Kadha method. Since viral infection makes the body give inflammatory responses, you need fluid to stabilize your immune system. That is what tulsi kadha does. It hydrates the body. 

What is the fastest home remedy for fever? 

There are several things you can do to feel better while experiencing fever symptoms. They include resting, drinking water, bathing, and light dressing. Since the body needs water during fever, drinking water could help balance an increasing temperature. 

What is naturally good for fever? 

There are various natural ways to treat fever. They include hydration, resting, drinking teas, wet sock treatment, and more. The natural way the body responds to sickness is by sleeping. If you don’t get proper sleep, you might fall sick frequently. It would help if you sleep for a minimum of 6 hours daily. 

Does turmeric reduce a fever? 

As turmeric contains certain antibacterial compounds, it also contains compounds that help the body fight against inflammatory diseases. By using turmeric, you can get rid of fever symptoms such as coughing and congestion. You only have to heat a spoon of turmeric powder, black pepper powder, and ginger powder. Then put them inside a cup of water. You can also add sugar, but it is not important. 

Is Ginger good for fever? 

While you have a fever, you should consider taking a cup of ginger tea. Make sure you heat it enough to be hot. You can start by boiling water. Then include a half-teaspoon of ginger root.

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Fever is the most popular symptom of diseases. People suffering from Typhoid experience fever, and people suffering from dengue also experience the same thing. That is why home remedies for fever in India have been developed for treating fever patients. 

Natural fever home remedies ayurvedic for treating fever is the use of Ayurvedic treatment. It involves using herbs or a combination of herbs as recommended by a physician. The physician has to be someone highly experienced in Ayurvedic treatments. The same herbs aren’t given to everyone who comes for treatment. The kind of treatment you will receive depends on your medical condition.

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