Drinking Benefits of Coconut Water (Nariyal Pani)

Health Benefits of Coconut Water

Coconut water (Narial Pani) is a natural source of potassium and better alternative of many sports drinks as well. Scientifically, this tropical fruit is known as “Cocos nucifera”.  It is rich in healthy natural properties and low in calories which make it as America’s Latest Health Craze.

It is actually a coconut juice present inside the endosperm of young, tender green coconut. It is a natural drink consumed by people worldwide. It tastes sweet and composed of many chemicals such as sugars, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, enzymes, amino acids, cytokine, and phyto-hormones.

Drinking benefits of coconut water are many such as it cures hangover, give strength to fight against cancer and alleviate kidney stone pain. This natural sports drink keeps your body hydrated and maintain the level of your energy. Besides it, Nariyal Pani offers many health benefits to pregnant women as well. This write up is discussing about the major health benefits of coconut water.

Before we move on to the benefits of coconut water, let’s dig out some nutritional facts about this topical fruit.

Coconut is considered to be the tree of life in Philippines because they use every part of coconut tree and believe that it has ability to save your life. It is its healthy nutrients which make it an elixir. Hawaiians used to call it as “Noelani” which means “Dews from the Heavens”. It shows the supreme importance of coconut in different cultures.

Nutritional Facts About Coconut Water

To explain it more effectively we have compared Nariyel Pani with Gatorade. It helps you to understand the supremacy of this fruit over some sugary drinks. Take a look at coconut water nutrition facts (infographic):

Coconut Water Nutrition Facts

Better Alternative of Many Sugary Drinks

Plain Coconut Water would be the best beverage drink for those adults and kids who are looking for sports drink which is less sweet and not rich in sugar. Nariyel Pani contains less sugar in compare to other sports drinks, sodas and fruit juices.

However, According to Lillian Cheung, DSc, RD, of Harvard School of Public Health “One 11-ounce container has 60 calories and if you drink several in one day, the calories can add up quickly”. Thus, avoid too much drinking of it in a single day.

He also added that people should avoid Nariyel Pani which comes with added sugar and fruit juices. To avail the natural benefits of coconut water drink it plain.

6 Health Benefits of Plain Coconut Water (Nariyel Pani)

Benefits of Coconut Water1. Keeps your Body Hydrated

It contains around 4.5% carbohydrates whereas other sports drinks contain 6-8% carbohydrates. It makes it better choice as low sugar hydration. The absence of sodium makes it an effective beverage for athletes who are usually indulge into casual physical workout.

However, people who workout strenuously will require more sodium to maintain the energy level of the body. Thus, they need to depend on other sports drinks and diet to keep the body hydrated.

2. Lower Blood Pressure

In 2005, researchers conducted a study to check weather water from coconut can actually lower the blood pressure or not. During the study they found surprising figures. Subjects were given plain coconut water for two weeks and researchers note down systolic blood pressure was 71% lower and diastolic blood pressure was 29% lower than those who drank plain water.

Rich content of potassium counteracts the effect of sodium in the body and reduces the blood pressure.

3. Maintain the Heart Health

It has ability to decrease the level of triglyceride and LDL cholesterol found in the heart. It reduces the chances of getting heart attacks.

According to one research, benefits of coconut water help you to recover faster if you did have a heart attack. The presence of heart friendly electrolytes such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium play a vital role in maintaining the heart health.

4. Boost Natural Cleansing Process of the Body

Our anatomy has natural ability to flush out toxins from the body. Liver and kidneys are two responsible organs for the detoxifying process of the body. Sometimes, improper diet leads to the loss of water and electrolytes which results into increased toxins in our body.

Kidneys and Liver needs adequate water to flush them out from the body. Here comes natural coconut juice having ability to recover the lost electrolytes and improve the natural cleansing process of the body as well.

5. Reduce Stress and Release Muscle Tension

It contains good amount of calcium and magnesium which are responsible minerals for stronger muscles. Our inadequate diet prevents us to intake sufficient amount of these minerals which results into stress and tension in muscles.

Thus, daily drinking of coconut water will quench the thirst as well as maintain the proportion of calcium and magnesium.

Calcium keeps the bones and muscles stronger and make them relaxed. On the other hand, Magnesium formats serotonin, the feel good hormone which reduces stress and relieve tension in muscles as well.

Thus, drinking plain water of coconut on a stressful day will make you refreshing and revitalizing.

6. Mums Recommend Coconut Water During Pregnancy

Health benefits of coconut water during pregnancy are many, we have quickly note down some benefits of coconut water during pregnancy such as;

  • Prevents dehydration and reduces tiredness and fatigue by replenishing lost electrolytes.
  • Improve Immunity System.
  • Improve kidney function and boost natural cleansing process.
  • Prevents infections in urinary tract.
  • Lower high blood pressure.
  • Cures morning sickness, constipation and acidity.
  • Tender coconut water prevents vomiting and fever. (Do not drink ripe coconut water as it causes constipation and indigestion)

What is Best Alternative to Natural Coconut Water?

Sometimes your geographical location prevents you to have certain types of natural resources including natural coconut water. As we all know that coconut is a tropical fruit and mostly available at sea coastal areas. Fortunately, we can satisfy our quench for sweet and hydrating coconut water by choosing some ready-made organic coconut oils available in the market. However, we must ensure that available coconut oils are organic and fresh. Thus, we recommend to buy it from well know brands only.

In brief, Nariyel Pani is a natural elixir which cures many health problems. Let us sum up the article with words of famous tennis player John Isner, “It is super hydrating and has kept me going in long matches and prevented me from cramping even in the hottest and most humid conditions.”

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