Different Types of Lips and What They Say About You

Different Types of Lips

Lips have always been the most sensuous and beautiful facial feature. Sagas have been penned by poets describing the beauty of a woman’s lips. They have been compared to a bow and flower petals. We have all heard of lip reading, the art of reading words spoken by a pair of lips without listening to the actual words spoken.

There is another facet of lip reading which involves studying the types of lips a person has and decoding their personality and health factor based on it. Just like every person has a different body type and body structure, similarly every pair of lips is different.  Thin lips, thick lips, red lips, pink lips and tens of other ways of classifying the lips. The eyes and lips of a person are like mirrors that reflect his or her state of mind. Recent studies however, have suggested that the shape of lips correspond to specific personality traits in a person.

We have compiled a list of the different types of lips and what they reflect about your health and personality.  This will help you in knowing about the personality of a person.

Shape and Thickness

  • Thick Lips – These lips have stayed right at the top of the list, scoring high on both appearance and desirability factor. The first name that comes to mind is that of famous Hollywood star Angelina Jolie who has such lips. Women even go in for procedures like lip augmentation to achieve fuller lips.  Such lips give you the perfect pout for a selfie!
  • Thin Lips– Thin lips can be made to look appealing by outlining them with a lip pencil and using a light colour lipstick.
  • Asymmetrical Lips– Such lips have the outline of the top lip line a little higher from one corner than the other. It’s a simple difference that can be corrected using a lip outliner.
  • Fallen Lips – The corner of these lips are tilted downwards, a shape considered beautiful by many.
  • Round Lips – These lips look cute on women, giving them a very feminine loon. Resembling a button or a circle at times, they turn into a pout without much of an effort
  • Wide Lips– Think wide lips, think Julia Roberts, and you will get the picture. These lips are wide and stretch even more when you give a hearty smile. You can make these lips prettier by giving them an outline which is just a little below the actual lip line. Trim the outline around the corners as well if you want a thin lip look.
  • Perfect Cupid’s Bow lips– This is one lip shapes that is the most coveted amongst all women. Such lips are shaped like a perfect bow and are called Cupid’s bow lips as their feminine shape is considered very attractive. In Greek mythology, Cupid was the god of erotic love. There is just a little dip in the lip line above the middle of your top lip. The peaks of the bow coincide are also referred to as philtral columns and they bear a strong resemblance to a bow. Some women are blessed with them naturally and those who are not so lucky can get them easily through various procedures both surgical and non surgical.

Lips Decoded To Reveal Your Personality

Reading the shape of lips to deduce the physiological aspects of your personality is just like the old Chinese art of face reading. Lip reading uses the shape, size, plumpness, and the structure of the Cupid’s bow, to decipher the personality traits of a person. These are the results of various physiological studies conducted over a number of years and should not be taken as the ultimate guide of your character or personality. As they say sometimes faces hide what is actually going on behind them. So do lips.  We have all heard the line, ‘She smiled and I knew I was in trouble…’ Let’s look at some common lip shapes and the traits that come with them.

  • Fuller and Plump Lips – Lips that are evenly plump on both top and bottom reflect a caring personality with enhanced motherly or parental instincts. People with these kinds of lips are said to have an innate desire to be the guardian or the care giver. Selfless in nature, they care about others from their heart and they do it happily. They value every relationship around them but like to keep only a small but intimate circle of friends around them. There is always a close circle of friends around them.
  • Thin Lips – Lips that are thin on both top and bottom depict an introvert but a self sustained personality type. They are somewhat of loners but that in no way means that they do not value a relationship once they are into one. A partner who is completely opposite to what they are provides a balance to their relationship by being outgoing.
  • Plump From the Centre – Such personalities are meant for the spotlight as they are natural performers. Flanked by a large circle of friends, they hate being alone and are mostly the centre of attention. They party hard and when it comes to being emotional, they excel in that area too. The mantra of life for them is to pack as much fun and excitement in their life as they can.
  • Peaked Cupid’s bow – Artistic in nature, they are very expressive in whatever fields they pursue. Blessed with an excellent memory, they will never forget a face or a conversation. The peaked Cupid’s bow denotes a sharp mind which can process information fast and react on it even faster. This habit tends to make them a little impulsive at times. Women blessed with the perfect Cupid’s bow are believed to be self made and independent.
  • Rounded Cupid’s bow – Sensitive and compassionate by nature, people with rounded Cupid’s bow are quite susceptible to heart breaks. A little misfortune is enough to upset them deeply. Helpfulness is their second nature and they love caring for others.
  • Lips without a Cupid’s bow – Straight and wide lips or lips with a very mild Cupid’s bow can mean a responsible and reliable personality, who goes overboard in helping others. Generosity knows no bounds for them, just like their emotions which are all over the place. Giving to others supersedes their self interest at all times. Ready for life’s challenges all the time, they tackle the problems in their life head-on. Such people are organised in their professional lives, though not so much in the personal ones. They are not bogged down by deadlines as once they get one they will make sure to honour it.
  • Goldilock lips – This name is given to lips which are quite ordinary in their shape. Neither too thick nor too thin and with an average pout, they are termed as ordinary lips. But this shape does not make their owner any less special. The Cupid’s bow for such lips is not artistically defined but it is not shapeless either. Strong headed in nature, people with these lips tend to lead a balanced life. This balance comes from their common sense and heightened logical reasoning skills. They are good listeners who absorb all the information and then process it logically to arrive at a conclusion. Impulsiveness is not a part of their behaviour and they are deeply invested in all of their relationships.
  • Round Lips – Round lipped women are believed to be adventure seekers. Their boisterous nature attaches a charisma to their personality making them endearing to others.
  • Plump Lower Lip – Restless, curious and adventurous is what sums up this lip shape type. But their sense of adventure doesn’t snuff out their desire to be pampered. They live life to the fullest and you will find them getting attracted like a bee to pleasures of life.
  • Plump Upper Lip – Emotional and cheerful, these people love to hog the limelight. Women with a plump upper lip will spend a major part of their life embroiled in an emotional tangle.

5 Lip Colour and Health

Just like we get to know our personality through our lips, their colour is an indicator of our health.

Pale or White Lips – They denote anemia and a lack of red blood cells or haemoglobin in the body. Including leafy green and dry fruits in your diet may help solve this problem.

Overly Red Lips – They sometimes indicate towards a faulty liver, which causes excessive heat in the body.

Purple Lips – Everyone of us has had to face this lip colour in winters but it should not stay on the lips for long, as it is a sign of low blood circulation.

Dark Red to Blue Lips – An indicator of high amount of toxins in the body, they should not be ignored at all.

Pink Lips– These lips are a sign of good health or as they say, you are in the pinkest of health.

Artificially Enhanced Lips

You cannot change your fingerprints or the lines in your palm, but what you can change these days are your facial features.  Changing your natural features may change the future course of your destiny according to Chinese face reading science. All the facial features work in tandem with each and alteration in even one of them can make a difference. This synchronisation when disrupted may bring about changes in the personality of a person. For instance, changing the structure of your lips from thin to a thick pout is believed to make one you maybe more self centred. The change can even alter the emotional quotient of the person.

Plump lips are associated with seeking sensuality and emotions driven towards pleasure.Even if you change the shape of only either the upper or the lower lip, there are distinct traits and characteristics associated with each change. There are several processes that can help you in altering your facial features to match the look of your choice. These procedures are mostly surgical and with advanced medical technology, are completely safe. You can read more about them here.

Dry Lips 

Dry lips are the bane of anyone’ existence when they have to step out of the house with those dry and chapped lips. Lips get dry and cracked not only in cold weather but hot dry winds also can take the moisture out of their skin. Lips get a dry flaky skin, which when peeled off leaves you with tiny blood oozing cracks.

Just like you follow the cleansing and moisturising routine for your skin, a similar one needs to be followed for lips as well. It should be part of your daily habit to apply a lip balm when you step of the house and sometimes even when you are indoors. For women, it is advisable to apply a coat of Vaseline before applying anything on lips to make sure that they get a smooth coat of lipstick.

The dead or flaky skin should be removed at least once a week by scrubbing them gently with an old but soft and clean toothbrush. If you want, you can also invest in a lip brush made for this very purpose and easily available in the market. There are several lip scrubs and lip balms available that can enhance and protect the health as well as beauty of your lips.

A simple DIY lip scrub can be made by mixing some sugar granules with lemon juice and rubbing the mix gently on your lips. Dry lips can be cured by regular use of coco butter or peanut butter. If you apply fresh butter to your lips it will make them softer. Another home remedy to cure dry and chapped lips is to apply a little mustard oil or clarified butter (ghee) at night in your navel. You will start to notice the wonders of these home remedies within a day or two. A personality trait that is common to anyone who has dry lips is that the person doesn’t pay much attention to his or own health that much.

Jean Haner, is an expert in face reading and the most quoted personality when it comes to talking about lips, their shapes and reading those to attach a personality trait to them. She is also the author of the book The Wisdom of Your Face. She says,” The most important thing your lips speak to is [what you’re like] in relationships and how giving you are.”

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