6 Amazing Dandelion Root Tea Benefits

Dandelion Root Tea Benefits

Are you consuming dandelion tea? Then this post on health benefits of dandelion root tea might interest you.

Dandelion usually grows in many of the parts of the world and is a family of the flowering plants. They are also generally known as Taraxacum spp., and the most common species is generally known as the Taraxacum officinale. This Dandelion is also known to possess a wide range of medicinal properties. It is known to be useful for centuries in order to treat acne, cancer, digestive disorders as well as liver diseases.

There are several amazing dandelion tea benefits people are availing by having this super natural herb in the morning. So, the tea made from the dandelion root is always infused with several health benefits as dandelion is considered to be a miracle weed which helps in the regeneration of the body from the inside to outside.

So, let’s have a look at some major benefits of drinking dandelion tea in the morning.

6 Major Dandelion Root Tea Benefits

Dandelion Tea Benefits
Dandelion Tea Benefits

1) Highly Nutritious

The dandelion is such a plant which is considered to be very rich in its nutritional content. Also, the overall dandelion plant from the root to flower is generally loaded with a high amount of minerals, vitamins as well as fiber.

On the other hand, the dandelion greens are known to be a rich source of vitamins A, K, and C as well as folate. Along with that, it also contains Vitamin E and also small amounts of the other B vitamins. Thus, a good amount of many minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium is provided by dandelion greens.

Whereas, the root of the dandelion is known to be rich in the carbohydrate known as insulin which is a type of the soluble fiber mainly present in the plants. So, a great role is usually played by it in supporting the maintenance as well as the growth of many healthy bacterial floras which are present in your intestinal tract.

This is the reason why dandelion roots are very popular and dried as well as consumed as a tea. But, otherwise, it can also be eaten in the whole form.

2) Presence Of Potent Antioxidants

Dandelion is such a plant which has many broad applications for health and also it is full of the potent antioxidants. Antioxidants are generally such molecules which help in the neutralization or prevention of the negative effects of the free radicals which are present in your body. Also, these free radicals can be considered much harmful for your body.

Aging is accelerated and many diseases like cancer are developed in your body by the presence of these free radicals. So, it is proved that these antioxidants are very much important for keeping your body healthy and also in the prevention of cancer.

Other than that, the dandelion roots also contain a much higher level of the antioxidant beta carotene. It is again known to provide much stronger protection against the oxidative stress as well as cellular damage. Polyphenols are also another category of antioxidants which is present in the dandelion roots, stems, leaves and also flowers.

3) Fight Inflammation

There is a presence of many bioactive compounds in the overall dandelion plant specifically the roots which are known as polyphenols and this is known to be much effective in the reduction of inflammation which is caused by several diseases.

Inflammation is again considered to be one of the natural responses of the body arising due to illness or injury. Also, there is permanent damage to your DNA as well as body tissues due to excessive inflammation over time. The significant anti-inflammatory capability of the dandelion is suggested by several studies and it has effectively known to reduce inflammation in humans.

4) Control Blood Sugar Level

Dandelion roots mainly contain two important bioactive compounds like chlorogenic and chicoric acid which helps to reduce the blood sugar level. Apart from that, these compounds are also present in other parts of the plant.

Also, these compounds are shown to improve the secretion of insulin from the pancreas and also, it improves the absorption of sugar or glucose in the muscle tissue.

This particular process again leads to reduce blood sugar levels as well as improve insulin sensitivity. Thus, it has preferably known to reduce blood sugar levels.

5) Reduce Cholesterol

There is also the presence of some important bioactive compounds in dandelion which are known to lower cholesterol and thereby decreasing the particular risk of the heart diseases.

Several studies have been preferably conducted in this regard and it has proved to be very important for reducing the cholesterol.

6) Lower Blood Pressure

It is also claimed by some of the people that the blood pressure is significantly reduced with the help of the dandelion root. Due to this reason, it is preferably advised to consume the dandelion root tea.

Based on this particular belief, several herbal medicine practices have indicated the diuretic effect of the dandelion and it can also greatly help to detoxify certain organs.

It is evident that the excess of the body fluid is generally removed with the help of diuretic medications and thereby lowering the blood pressure. So, studies have clearly found dandelion to be the most effective diuretic.


In this way, the dandelion root tea is found to possess many amazing health benefits. Other than that, it can also promote a healthy liver, aid in weight loss as well as treat constipation and support healthy digestion.

It also contributes to boosting your immune system. But, you should consult a doctor before adding this herbal supplement to your diet.

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