Cupid’s Bow Lips Guide To Get Beautiful Upturned Lips

Cupids Bow

As it’s universally perceived, a cupid’s bow lips can not only reveal a woman’s feminine nature but also her sexuality. But, quite interestingly, bow shaped lips start flattening naturally by 1 mm to 2.6 mm. It is at that point in time, a lady needs to undergo a surgery before she starts growing old. So, with this in mind, here are several ways in which you can maintain upturned lips.

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Some Popular Ways to Get Cupid’s Bow Lips

Paris Lip Injection

Paris lip injection is one of the most popular techniques which is used to retain the appearance of bow-shaped lips. As soon as the filler is injected vertically into the contours of the upper lips, the area is stretched in the upward direction. Rather than inserting the filler in the horizontal direction, doctors always prefer to inject them vertically.

Cupid’s Bow Surgical Procedure

Initially, the doctor follows the lip tenting technique. This primarily involves administering local anesthesia to the skin just beneath the upper lips. Once the specialist accomplishes the task successfully, he moves on to make incisions near the border of the upper lips.

Depending on your preferences and the actual shape of your lips, the doctor decides the method. Generally, the entire procedure can be expensive and can cost 4000 to 5000 dollars. If you aren’t comfortable with invasive lip injections, then you can insist the doctor to give a natural pout with a suction element along with the lip-shaper technology. Believe it or not, the element is inexpensive as compared to the aforementioned procedure.

Moving ahead, the doctor the surgeon figures out the area that needs a nasal lift. Accordingly, he outlines the area but piercing it with a sharp and pointed object. After some time, he stitches the portion till it gets stretched upwards.

Next, the lips are lifted directly by stitching the border. In the end, the doctor prescribes medicines or antibiotics to expedite the healing process. But before that, the area is wiped gently just in case excess blood starts flowing from the veins.

If you are afraid of the surgical procedure, then there is another, effective way to enhance cupids bow.

How to Enhance Cupid Bow with no Surgery?

When you plan to beautify your lips with the smartest way possible, you should enhance the borders with the help of a liner holding it at an angle with respect to the slant around the upper lips. Think about applying the liner a little bit above the upper lips and don’t forget to highlight the ridges as well. Once you start drawing the attention of others, you can imagine how well you have enhanced your style quotient without splurging on anything.

Do check out videos online if you are seeking to beautify your lips in the most unique way. You can come up with creative ideas and help yourself alter the shape of your lips.

Hope you girls there found the right way to get beautiful upward lips.

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