Embarrassed with Your Urinary Incontinence? Here’s What You Need

Confitrol24 Bladder Control Incontinency Support Supplement

If you check recent stats you will see that right now, over 200 million people on this planet are suffering from incontinence of various intensity.

What’s remarkable is that, out of these sufferers, around 70 to 80% are women.

Most women reading this write-up must have experienced bladder pain and/or urinary injury at some point in their lives.

Bladder issues can take place due to several reasons.

women urinary incontinence

Some women develop urinary injury at the time of giving birth, while others experience bladder issues due to infections.

Additionally, you will also come across women who have got bladder problem due to poor lifestyle.

Whatever might be the reason behind urinary incontinence, one thing that the condition surely leads to is a social embarrassment.

It should be easy to comprehend how miserable an adult may feel after staining someone’s bed-sheet or sofa cover due to her incontinence.

The biggest issue with this disorder is that managing or controlling it is extremely tough. What’s even more agonizing is that researchers are yet to invent any medication for fixing this health issue.

This makes our write-up so important. Here, we have reviewed the most talked about urinary incontinence remedy. It’s called Confitrol24.

It’s high time you make Confitrol24 a part of your life

Have you or anyone you care developed urinary incontinence?

If yes, then you have stepped into the right place. Getting acquainted with Cinfitrol24 will solve the problem permanently.

Confitrol24 can help both women and men suffering from incontinence to recover from the condition.

If you are an incontinence sufferer, this supplement would be a life changer for you.

You will again be able to attend all those social gatherings and business meets without being embarrassed.

The supplement protects our urinary tract against infections and simultaneously offers anti-aging benefits to our urinary bladder.

Millions of users around the globe have used this product so far and the majority of them have experienced a 50% drop in night urination.

What is Confitrol24?

Confitrol24 was formulated after years of meticulous research.

The brains behind Confitrol24 ensured that their product can improve bladder control by balancing the muscles forming our pelvic floor, sphincter, and bladder wall.

Besides, the supplement can also promote the regeneration of connective tissue and collagen around the bladder.

The unique combination of ingredients used for making this supplement makes the muscles forming the bladder and its adjacent areas stronger. The ingredients also enable complete relaxation of the bladder muscles.

The supplement is also instrumental in fighting off infections that are known for destabilizing our bladder.

These two actions of the product allow it to strengthen the bladder, prevent leakage, and delay bladder aging. What’s more, the sufferer will not feel the urge to urinate as frequently as he/she used to before taking this supplement.

You can use Confitrol24 to fight two types of incontinence. These include incontinence resulting from gastrointestinal distress and incontinence triggered by problems of our central nervous system (brain and spine).

Statistics show that older women get affected by urinary tract infections or UTIs most frequently. Taking regular dosages of this supplement would keep this group completely protected against such infections.

The supplement would be equally effective even on women of other age groups and men.

Working procedure of Confitrol24

The primary aim of this supplement is toning the muscles of our bladder. Along with this, it also ensures that the user get back their original control over their urinary bladder.

In short, it works to restore bladder functions.

Additionally, Confitrol24, when consumed for a period of 2 to 4 weeks, starts boosting the user’s urinary safety.

Are you wondering, what makes this urinary supplement so powerful? The primary reason behind the amazing efficacy of the product is its Urox proprietary blend.

The proprietary blend Urox contains extracts of three medicinal herbs. They are:

  • Equisetum arvense or horsetail
  • Lindera aggregata or lindera
  • Crateva nurvala

These three herbal extracts work together to promote functioning of our urinary tract and also enhance bladder control.

Clinical studies (3) have proved that the Urox blend allows the product to improve our bladder control and functioning at a cellular level.

What makes the supplement unique is the blend of Chinese, Western, and Ayurvedic herbal medicines it features.

The makers of Confitrol24 has provided the product with qualities that every individual suffering from urinary incontinence want their supplement to possess.

You might be bothered by occasional urine leaks or may be finding it extremely difficult to sleep peacefully at night due to frequent urination. If you manage to grab a pack of this product, life would surely be better for you.

Confitrol24 would address the underlying health issues leading to the above-mentioned problems and solve them effectively.

What Ingredients are in the Confitrol24?

Horsetail of Equisetum arvense extracts: Equisetum arvense was added to Confitrol24 to give it the power of strengthening the connective tissues and muscles forming our bladder.

The herb is more commonly called raw horsetail.

When you will first start taking Confitrol24, horsetail would boost your urine production. This, in turn, would increase your frequency of urination.

This action of the herb would help your urinary tract get back its natural tone and restore the normal operations of your bladder.

Silica, one of the active ingredients of horsetail, is also a core mineral present in our collagen, teeth, and bone. These are components responsible of keeping the structure of our body normal.

Collagen is the most crucial component of our bladder walls.

By enabling supplementation of silica, horsetail boosts collagen production and thereby normalizes the structure of our bladder and urinary tract.

Lindera or Lindera aggregata extracts: This herb is also known as Japanese evergreen spicebush or evergreen Lindera.

Ancient Chinese scriptures talk about use of lindera in treating children suffering from Enuresis (bed wetting). It was also often used as a diuretic and as a remedy for menstrual pain.

Lindera is a highly potent antioxidant. As we all know, antioxidants help in killing the free radicals and improve overall functioning of our body.

Lindera provides Confitrol24 with the power of enhancing the life of the user’s bladder. The anti-aging benefits offered by the herb restore normal functioning of the bladder and its surrounding areas.

Clinical studies supporting the effects of Confitrol24

Study to examine the efficacy of Urox blend: In 2013, a group of researchers at Queensland University’s School of Medicine (Government Source) came up with some amazing findings for people with bladder issues.

They began their study to see whether Urox boasts the ability to help people who are bothered by the following problems.

  • Frequent urination
  • Accidental leaks
  • Sleep deprivation due to frequent visits to the toilet at night

The study was carried out on a group of 150 people, each of whom had the above problems.

The participants were divided into two different groups.

Participants in the first group were given Urox, while those in the other group were given a placebo.

After eight weeks of study, researchers came up with some incredible findings.

All through the study, the participants had to maintain a daily journal.

They had to keep note of the following:

  • All trips to the toilet
  • Every single event of urine leakage
  • Each instance of waking up at night to use the bathroom.

The researchers collected all the information from the participants’ daily journal and formed a database. This was followed by a complex statistical analysis of the information.

The researchers found that the group receiving placebo didn’t experience any significant difference in their condition.

However, the group receiving Urox for eight weeks experienced the following changes:

  • Decrease in the number of daily toilet visits
  • Reduction in the feeling of urgency to urinate
  • Improvement in sleep quality due to decrease in the number of bathroom trips at night
  • Decrease in the frequency of embarrassing leakages

Study to examine the scavenging and antioxidant effects of horsetail: Since years health experts around the globe have been vouching for the antioxidant and scavenging properties of horsetail.

These properties of the herb help in eliminating free radicals that can damage our bladder.

These qualities of the herb were confirmed during a 2008 study.

Who should buy Confitrol24?

There are some people who experience minor urine leaks occasionally, while there are others who tend to lose little to moderate quantity of urine frequently. Confitrol24 would help both groups to recover from the problem.

You can buy Confitrol24 if you are suffering from any of the following conditions:

  • Stress incontinence: Individuals with stress incontinence experience urine leakage whenever they exert some form of pressure on their bladder. This may occur due to lifting of heavy objects, exercising, laughing, sneezing, and coughing.
  • Overflow incontinence: This problem is marked by constant or frequent leaking of urine because of a bladder which fails to empty itself completely.
  • Urge incontinence: People suffering from urge incontinence experience a sudden and intense urge for urinating and subsequent involuntary urine loss.These individuals might feel the need of urinating frequently and may find it difficult to sleep due to repeated visits to the toilet.You may develop urge incontinence due to minor infections as well as more severe health issues like diabetes or neurological disorders.
  • Functional incontinence: You will be diagnosed with functional incontinence if a mental or physical impairment is stopping you from reaching the bathroom in time. For instance, incontinence in arthritis patients often occur because they fail to reach the toilet on time and unbutton their pants quickly.
  • Mixed incontinence: You will be diagnosed with mixed incontinence if you have more than one of the above types.

Your doctor is the best person to tell you what type of incontinence you are suffering from. Whatever might be the form you have been diagnosed with, Confitrol24 would help you to recover.

What are the benefits of Confitrol24?

Contains natural ingredients of highest quality: The makers of Conftriol24 have only used high-quality herbal extracts for formulating the supplement.

Created by experts: It is a product created by industry experts. These experts have conducted detailed research on each ingredient of the product before including them into the formulation.

This has made the product an award-winning invention.

Decreases frequency of toilet trips: Bladder impairment often forces people to visit toilets very frequently.

There are some who need to make more than ten toilet trips per day.

Making Confitrol24 a part of life would bring an end to such issues.

Stops or reduce embarrassing leaks: Most women (and some men) develop incontinence as they become old. The most common sign of incontinence is unintentional urine leaks.

Having Confitrol24 regularly helps in stopping incontinence and gradually reduces embarrassing leaks.

Induces the sleep without interruptions: Frequent urge to urinate and sudden leakage of urine often prevent people from sleeping peacefully at night.

Confitrol24 ends these problems and allows sufferers to sleep without any disturbances.

Makes bladder stronger: Confitrol24 makes bladder walls and its adjacent areas stronger. A strong bladder would allow the user to enjoy greater control over his/her bladder.            

You will have to use Confitrol24 for several weeks to experience all the above benefits. The product would ensure that you go to the bathroom less than eight times per day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to take Confitrol24?

The ideal dose of the supplement is two capsules per day.

Each pack of Confitrol24 contains 60 capsules, which means a single bottle of the supplement would last for 30 days or a month.

Whatever might be the degree of your incontinence, you must continue taking the supplement for a minimum of two months. However, overdose of the supplement should be avoided.

Before deciding on the ideal dose, researchers carried out a placebo-controlled randomized study on people with overactive bladder and urinary incontinence.

During the study, some participants were given two capsules of the supplement for a couple of months. The remaining participant received a placebo pill for the same period.

The placebo didn’t cause any notable change in the condition of the participants.

The Confitrol24 capsules, however, delivered several positive results. They are as follows:

  • Urinary frequency became normal i.e. less than eight times in 24 hours
  • Almost 50% decrease in nocturia (getting up at night for urinating)
  • Reduction in the need of wearing incontinence pads
  • Decrease in urine leakages

How long will I have to wait for Confitrol24 to work?

You must remember that Confitrol24 is a 100% natural formulation. It doesn’t contain any additive or steroid.

So, you cannot expect to get results overnight.

You will start seeing positive changes in your urinary habits and bladder control after taking the supplement for two to four weeks. However, for optimal result, you will have to take it for at least two months.

Does Confitrol24 cause any side effect?

Researchers have developed Confitrol24 after several years of careful research.

One of the main purposes of such long-drawn research is ensuring that every single ingredient they are adding to the formulation is safe for consumption.

The clinical tests conducted proved that each ingredient used in the supplement is 100% safe and doesn’t cause any side effect even after regular use.

The best thing about Confitrol24 is that it doesn’t use any lab formulated drug or harsh chemical.

All ingredients included in the formulation are 100% natural and are either Chinese, Western, or Ayurvedic herbs. So, you will never experience any side effect as a result having this supplement.

The only time you might suffer from adverse reactions due to the product is if you end up taking excessively high doses of the supplement.

Is Confitrol24 only beneficial for managing bladder issues?

Improving bladder functions, eliminating urinary tract infection, and stopping urinary incontinence are not the only benefits offered by Confitrol24.

Regular use of the product would also improve functioning of your digestive tract. Some women taking Confitrol24 have even experienced significant improvement in the working of their reproductive system.

The product has also been found to help patients with kidney stone.

Can I take Confitrol24 along with other medicines?

If you are already suffering from other health conditions and taking medications to control them you shouldn’t take any supplement without consulting your physician. This includes Confitorl24.

Only a qualified doctor can tell you whether any ingredient in the supplement will interfere with actions of themedicinesyou are taking.

Is the supplement addictive?

The supplement contains proprietary blend of 100% natural herbs that help in keeping your urinary system healthy.

It doesn’t contain anything addictive. The product is completely therapeutic in nature.

Since the launch of Confitrol24, hundreds of thousands of people have purchased and used it. However, to date, no user has experienced any kind of addiction towards the capsules.

Can nursing mothers take the supplement?

Incontinence is a common post-pregnancy complication. It’s true that Confitrol24 can treat the issue effectively and permanently. But, if you are nursing your newborn, you should ask your doctor before taking the supplement.

How to place my order for Confitrol24?

Confitrol24 is not available at any of your nearby store.

To get your pack of the supplement, you will either need to call the company or place your order online on their official website https://www.confitrol24.com/

You can pay for the product using any top credit card. Additionally, the company also accepts PayPal payments.

How does the company ship the supplement?

Every bottle of Confitrol24 is packed in an aesthetically pleasant package carrying a “Leading Edge” label and gets shipped discreetly.

The company ships products within a day of processing the order.

If you live in continental US, you will get the product delivered at your place within two to seven days of placing your order. The delivery time would vary depending on the shipping option you pick.

Does the company charge anything extra for shipping Confitrol24?

If your order is worth $100 or more than that, you will enjoy free shipping.

Will the company share my confidential information like my email id with anyone else?

No, the company would never share your phone number, email id etc. with any third party.

It requires you to provide such information only to contact you to share shipping and delivery info and inform you about offers and discounts from time to time.

Does the company offer any discount on Confitrol24?

You will get to choose from different packages when placing your order for this supplement. The packages are as follows:




























The more will be the number of packs in your package, the bigger will be the discount offered by the company.

Is there any money back guarantee?

In an unlikely event, if you feel that Cionfitrol24 is not offering you expected benefits, you can make use of the company’s 67-day money-back guarantee.

Ideally, you should use the supplement for 60 days and if you still don’t get desirable results, return the unused portions of your order without any hesitation. Make sure that the unused capsules are in their original container.

The reason behind the 67-day refund policy is that the company wants to give you extra seven days for return and shipping.

The company will refund the entire amount paid by you for the supplement. However, you will not get back the money you paid for shipping and handling.

For returning your packs of Confitrol24, you will have to visit the official website of the product and fill out a form. You can also contact the company’s customer care team to know further details.

Can I get in touch with customer executive through Live Chat?

Yes, you can.

Confitrol24 is easy to use and will not result in any major physical changes.

However, still, if you have any confusion about the product and it’s working procedure, you can consult the dedicated customer care team of the company.

You can reach the team either by dialing the company’s customer care number or through live chat. Someone or the other remains available through LIVE CHAT 24/7.

What customers say about Confitrol24?

Customers around the globe are extremely happy with the product and its working procedure. To date, no one has complained about any major adverse effect.

Is the product recommended by experts?

Yes, Confitrol24 is recommended by doctors and health experts around the globe. Here’s a video featuring expert review of the supplement.

Has the product managed to win any award?

Since its launch, Confitrol24 has won several awards. The most prestigious ones among them are Lord Mayor’s Business Awards and NIE Awards.

confitrol24 seen on lifestyle & soapdigest

In addition, the product also won the Natura Ingredients USA Awards.

Final Verdict

Confitrol24 is the best supplement an individual suffering from urinary incontinence and bladder control issues can get hold of.

It offers 100% satisfaction without causing any side effect.

The makers have also priced it reasonably. So, there’s no reason why one should not by it to fight incontinence.

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