Chikoo’s and Hearts are Deeply Related in Terms of Consumption and Cardiac Health!

Chikoo for Heart Health

Chikoos are very effective maintaining the health of the heart and the circulatory system. It helps in increasing the amount of blood and protects from the heart ailments. It is important to consume this fruit one hour after a meal to enjoy the maximum benefits.

Body Content: Unbelievable but true, Chikoo is grown in Mexico to make chewing gum. With the texture resembling that of a Kiwi, it has a non-fuzzy peal and big sized four to five seed inside which are not be consumed. Brown Sugar, Prolific and Russel are some of the commonly sold varieties and commonly available in the markets. Some of the rich benefits of this fruits are:

  • Sapodilla is rich in fiber and can be used to treat constipation
  • Acting as remedies for Diarrhoea and haemorrhoids, the tannin content in Chikoos is unmatched
  • The leaves of the fruit can be used against inflammation and Pain. They contain anti-inflammatory and Analgesic properties
  • Chikoo has been proven in protecting against colon cancer
  • It also benefits in reducing infections and raises the internal immunity to make the body healthier
  • High latex content takes care of the Oral hygiene and health. This Latex is used by dentists to fill up cavities in the teeth

Too Good For Babies

This is one fruit that can be introduced between the ages of 6 months to 8 months. Safe and beneficial, Sapodilla naturally enhances the baby’s health. With a sweet and rich texture, most of the babies accept this food easily. It has the right amount of vitamins and minerals that enrich the body of the little toddler. Care has to be awarded to how the child is being fed. Only the pulp needs to be spoon fed to the child. The fruit needs to be washed and peeled and then mashed without the seeds. It is also considered to be a common sure for cough and cold.

Make your heart happy with Chikoos and immense benefits!

Hardip Koradia

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