Carb Backloading Meal Plan – Does it Actually Work?

Carb Backloading

If you are hearing about the word, ‘carb backloading’ for the first time, then, to put it in simpler words, you should avoid eating carbs throughout the entire day. So, as you read ahead you can have a look at what carb back-loading is all about and the suggested meal plan.

What Is Carb Backloading?

As you control yourself to take in carbohydrates, you should always eat protein and fat rich foodstuffs. In case you wish to take carbohydrates, then you should think about it after a workout or fitness drill comes to an end. The best time would be early evening or late in the afternoon. However, you can keep your breakfast light or skip it completely for some or the other reason.

As far as the diet plan is concerned, the body gets affected due to the daily fluctuations in insulin insensitivity and exercise induced increase in insulin. So, let’s check how carb back-loading works.

How Does Carb Backloading Works?

How Carb Backloading Works
How Carb Backloading Works

The idea revolving around carb back-loading is taking carbs in the evening soon after training. This has the effect of altering the level of hormones like insulin which helps for fat loss. Once you have decided to follow the approach, you should avoid the intake of carbohydrates at breakfast and for the rest of the day. The theory is to burn more fat than eating anything time and again. But, once you are able to manage the level of hormones it’s not essential when you hit the gym regularly. For those who are eagerly going for a workout, the focus should be on macronutrients and let the hormones manage on their own.

What Would Be The Transformation When You Don’t Eat At Night?

The myth behind taking carbs at night should always be forgotten. They might lead you to put on weight whenever you plan to eat some time later in the day. But, regardless of what the body composition might be, the type of food or the timing doesn’t really matter. In the end, you should ensure that you have met the cumulative macronutrient targets. As you are doing so, you should consume adequate amount of fiber and eat loads of nutrient rich foodstuffs. This should always be kept in mind when you are conscious about the entire body composition.

When the nutritionist recommends you to eat carbohydrates, you can eat them in any way you like. You can eat everything all at once or think about three or nine meals. Whatever you follow, you should be regular in maintaining the total intake at the end of the day.

What Is The Carb Limit When You Are Back-Loading?

If you’re back loading, then it’s acceptable to eat any kind of carbohydrates. It could either be through sweet potatoes, fruits, ice cream, cakes, biscuits, and brown rice. It’s obvious, that if you are furnishing your body with carbohydrates by enjoying cakes, then you would never be successful no matter how much fat loss efforts you put in.

What Is The Ideal Quantity Of Carbs?

Initially, you should take 30 grams every day for the first nine days. This can be perceived as a low-carb period that improves insulin sensitivity without any dramatic sugar level hike. Later, as the tenth day approaches, you can be free and eat as much as carbohydrates you can eat. Post that, you can still continue to take carbohydrates after the training sessions. Once again, the limit would depend on what you are aiming at in long run.

Would The Carbs In A Short Time Span Make You Fat?

It might seem that you are taking a lot of carbohydrates. But remember, you wouldn’t be having anything for lunch or breakfast or when you’re hanging out with your friends. As long as you don’t be crazy, you would take in less calories and be able to maintain your weight.

What To Eat Once You Wake Up And Go For A Workout?

Well, your diet is just limited to vegetables, fats and proteins. So, if you want to keep the hunger monster away, then it’s better to eat meat, fish, green vegetables, nuts, seeds, and food cooked in healthy oil. Owing to its nutritional value, it’s recommended to eat tuna or salmon. You can also insist your mother to cook food in olive oil.

About The Carb Backloading Meal Plan

Carb Backloading Meal Plan
Carb Backloading Meal Plan

If you’re a non vegetarian, then you can enjoy eating Chicken, a rich source of Vitamin B3. You can also think about prawns that contains proteins and Vitamin B12. Even though rice is full of carbs, you can be capable to build your muscles after the workout. In case you are searching something good for your bones, then tomato soup can be relished.

For Breakfast

If you are thinking about a light breakfast, then think about mushroom and spinach omelette. Apart from offering the body with fibers, these promote development through numerous amino acids.

For Lunch

When it’s time to have your lunch, you can have tuna salad with black olives and avocadoes. While the protein rich food items help to build muscles, the unsaturated fats are good for the cardiovascular system.

For Dinner

When it’s dinner time, you can think about chicken fried in olive oil and seasoned with beans and peas. To top everything up, you can also add seafood to the cuisine.


Finally, you can think about consuming immunity boosters like cashew nuts and Satsumas. While these provide Vitamin A and C, these are capable of making the muscles stronger.

Hope you have learnt about carb backloading diet. Do insist your friends to go through the blog in case they are very much concerned about their health.

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