Blocked Tear Duct Remedies: 7 Proven Ways

Blocked Tear Duct Remedies

A blocked or a clogged tear duct is an eye condition where tears can’t drain normally. Usually, adults suffer from a typical watery condition, which affects eye health. Good thing, there are effective blocked tear duct remedies you can try at home.

In adults, the condition may become worse, leading to an eye infection. If the condition persists in infants, it can be treated through home remedies or after consulting the doctor.

Once the tear duct is unblocked, blocked tear duct remedies would provide instant relief from puffy eyes, infections, and allergies.

In medicine, a blocked tear duct (dacryocystitis) blocks the passage that connects the eye to the nose. But, there are many reasons why the condition may prevail in adults, such as:

  • Adults, more than 60 years of age may observe swollen tear ducts.
  • The watery eyes and the swollen eyelids can also be a result of eye infection.
  • If the individual’s face gets injured, it can considerably damage the tear ducts and significantly affect the eye and nose.
  • The condition may persist as a congenital blockage when the infant or a newborn child is gradually growing.

Symptoms of Blocked Tear Duct

Whenever a tear duct gets blocked, water drops may constantly flow from the eyes. The dense tears may affect the skin and leave behind prominent patches.

Furthermore, an indication of a blocked tear duct is eye inflammation. The continuous flow of thick tears may also lead to blurred vision over some time.

Before you get in touch with a doctor, you can go through some of the remedies stated below.

Blocked Tear Duct Remedies

1. Cleaning the eyes

A blocked tear duct causes infection around the eyes. It is because of this reason the eyes should be cleaned with water several times during the day. Alternatively, you can clean the eyes using baby shampoo.

You first need to take a few drops of the shampoo, pour it in a small cup, and dab a cotton ball. Afterward, you need to wash the eyes with shampoo and then clean them with cold water.

2. Warm compress

If the condition becomes severe, a warm compress can be the best-blocked tear duct home remedy. So, as you proceed, take a cup of water and heat on a low-intensity flame.

Later, you need to source a soft cloth and dip it in the warm water for some time. Now, you need to apply the fabric to the tear ducts for around five minutes. For effective results, repeat the steps five to six times during the entire day.

3. Lacrimal sac massage

A lacrimal sac is nothing but a hollow passage that connects the nose with the eyes. If dust blocks the path, you must perform a lacrimal sac massage.

Initially, wash your hands with antibacterial soap, and place the index finger near the corner of your eyes. Now, apply mild pressure towards the corner and hold for a few seconds. Make sure that you don’t use excess pressure and carry out the steps three to five times.

4. Breast milk

Owing to its antibacterial propertiesOpens in a new tab., breast milk can help to curb bacterial growth. While the milk serves to be an excellent blocked tear duct remedy, it also reduces eye infection. So, here are the steps you need to follow when you are using breast milk.

You initially need to take breast milk with a dropper and then apply a few drops to the eyes. If you can’t find a dropper, then you should use your finger. But, before you proceed, you need to wash your hands with cold water. As you find a way to clear a blocked tear duct, you need to repeat the steps five to six times in the day.

5. Dilation, probing, and irritation Technique

If a particular treatment doesn’t work, the doctor may use a technique to unblock the passage. As he dilates the punctual opening, he will insert a narrow probe in the puncta. It is then moved into the tear drainage system and the nasal opening.

After an eye expert removes it,  he will use a saline solution to clear away residual blockages. This is the most effective way on how to get rid of a blocked tear duct.

6. Balloon catheter dilation procedures

Typically, adults can follow the balloon catheter dilation procedure if they suffer from a blocked tear duct. Once you have anesthesia, a narrow tube or catheter is inserted into the nasal passage. Then the balloon is inflated with the help of an air pump for clearing the blockage. Relentless inflation and deflation eventually clears the blockage and opens the passage.

7. Dacryocystorhinostomy

If you can’t find an effective way to unblock a tear duct, the doctor may suggest you go for surgery. Despite clearing the blockage, the surgery creates a path to drain out the tears. The new route bypasses the duct as the stents are placed in the new pathway.

If you are wondering about the best solution for a baby blocked tear duct, then you can go for a tear duct massage, apply a hot compress or dilate the eyes with a few eye drops.

Key Takeaways

On a concluding note, you can follow any remedy and find out a way to unblock a tear duct. Surgery might be recommended for children and adults. Narrowing of puncta is a less invasive option that you can have to treat the condition.

To avoid infection, the doctor may prescribe eye drops or cream. Since these are antimicrobial, they can avoid exposing the eyes to bacteria.

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