Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Lungs

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The effect of Covid-19 has necessitated the need to take our lung health care seriously. Our lungs and the foods we consume are our body’s most prominent energy sources. The lungs are one of the vital organs that make us living beings; without the breath it gives us, we are also dead. 

Are you suffering from pulmonary disease or lung disease, or sore throat and looking for natural remedies? Check out these best ayurvedic medicine for the lungs.

How Can Ayurveda Treat Pulmonary Diseases?

Vata regulates the respiratory tract in Ayurveda. Our body imbalance, attributed to our body dosha, may lead to the accumulation of toxins and bacteria, which induces inflammatory responses leading to lung blockage.  

Swarnabhrakasindura is known as the best Ayurvedic medicine for treating pulmonary disease.  Swarnabhrakasindura facilitates treating chronic coughs such as tuberculosis, asthma, and trembling of the chest.

What are Pulmonary/Respiratory Diseases?

Pulmonary /respiratory diseases are diseases that affect lung functions and make them stop functioning as they should. Pulmonary/ respiratory diseases are usually caused by smoking or unintentionally inhaling fumes from smoking, air pollution, etc. Pulmonary/respiratory diseases include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, lung cancer, pneumonia, and pulmonary fibrosis. Diseases affecting the lungs are also referred to as respiratory and lung disorders.

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What are the Common Causes of Lung Disease?

Over 200 million people worldwide suffer from different variations of lung diseases. Some lung diseases are caused by the common cold, fever or our lifestyles, while our environment causes some.


Smoking can lead to lung disease by causing damage to our air passage. 

Lung illnesses induced by smoking include COPD, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema. 

The cause of most lung diseases in men is caused by Cigarette smoking, and People who smoke are liable to die young.


Inhaling polluted air can unsettle your air passage, making it easier for harmful toxins to get through to your lungs. Frequently exposing yourself to polluted air can lead to lung diseases like chronic bronchitis. If you are asthmatic, it is advisable to always be in an environment with clean air. 


Your day-to-day lifestyles, like smoking and inhaling harmful drugs, can trigger a lung disease. Studies have shown that people who smoke are 12 times more likely to die young than nonsmokers.


If you are the type that suffers from seasonal allergies due to existing illnesses like asthma, then you need to protect yourself by taking Ayurvedic Herbs during summers. 


Harmful bacteria can cause lung diseases, especially in older adults and babies with a less developed immune system or a limited lung capacity.


Viruses can disperse into the lungs, resulting in pneumonia and other life-threatening diseases, just like they happened during coronavirus, keeping the world at a standstill. 

Signs and Symptoms of Lung Diseases

Lung diseases come with relatively few signs and symptoms, but these signs are easily felt if we pay close attention to how our body functions. 

The following are signs and symptoms of lung diseases:

Difficulty in Breathing

When you notice that breathing in and out has become a chore, that’s a sign of a lung disease requiring an immediate doctor visit. 

Chest Pain

Studies have shown that some lung diseases cause chest pain, including the inflammation of the membrane encircling the lungs, making it difficult for you to breathe in and out. 

Sore Throat

Bronchitis is a disorder of the central airways of the lungs, resulting in them becoming sensitive and inflamed. This causes wheezing and a sore throat and makes one uncomfortable.

Ayurvedic Herbs for Lung Health

Boosting your lung health is necessary if you wish to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. And this is why going the natural way is the best, as this comes with no side effects. Ayurvedic herbs for lung disease have been attested for decades to provide healthy and effective lung health. The following herbs are used:


Astragalus has been known to provide relief for people suffering from lung diseases. This ayurvedic medicine for fluids in the lungs offers many health benefits, including but not limited to antiaging, antiinflammatory diseases, and immune-boosting. The root of this herb has been used to produce so many health-benefiting supplements in the form of powder, capsules, and teas.


Pippali is an ayurvedic treatment for damaged lungs used to support the lung; it is a wet herb that makes it effective in treating lung diseases like cough and sore throat. The herb is excellent for stopping sinus congestion in the respiratory tract. Prepare it by boiling ten peppercorns using milk in the place of water and drink.


Licorice root helps to soothe the lung by helping to lubricate the lung, bringing relief. To prepare this herb, make a powder from the root or get the powdered form from your local store and add a teaspoon of it to your tea and drink three times daily to lubricate your lung.


In Ayurvedic medicine, kalmegh root and leaf have been used for centuries to cure and treat many diseases.  It is one of the best ayurvedic medicine for shortness of breath.  Its effectiveness has become one of the most sought-after herbs for treating bile function and other illnesses associated with the digestive system. To use this herb, get a bunch of kalmegh leaves, squeeze out the juice, boil a cup of water, and drink three times daily.


Vasaka leak is one of the Ayurvedic medicine for respiratory diseases. This herb is most famous for its aromatic scent and is primarily found in India. The herb is dry, light, and bitter; some believe the bitterness of this herb is what makes it very effective. A proverb says, “a person can not die of the disease in a place where vasaka is grown as long as a person knows how to use them.” This is to tell you how powerful this herb is. Vasaka helps remove excessive Kapha in the respiratory tract, providing a healthy lung for easy and free breathing. Vasaka also helps improve lung quality; you should consider taking this herb if your voice is constantly clogged. To use this herb in treating lung diseases, get a bunch of vasaka leaves with other herbs such as pippali, licorice, and bibhitaki and smoke them together. You can get a local pot and put all the herbs inside while sitting close to it and inhaling the smoke. This helps to clear your airways. Alternatively, you can make a syrup by combining herbs like ginger, licorice, peppermint, pippali fruit, haritaki, and vasaka.


Triphala is one of the most used ayurvedic treatments or medicine for most diseases. With three powerful herbs, Triphala is one herb you would not want to neglect. This herb helps to balance our throat dosha when frequently used. To use this herb to treat lung disease, mix in a cup of warm water and gargle for a few minutes, then spit it out. This helps to clear the sinus in the respiratory tract. 


This herb is virtually found in every Indian home, especially during that time of the year when pollution is constant in the air. The herb is mainly used for severe coughs that produce phlegm and comes with a high fever and sore throat. This herb can be taken in powder form due to its sweet taste, which melts in the mouth and swiftly helps soothe irritated throats. 


This herb has the same effect as sitopaladi; the only difference with talisadi is that it is hotter in the mouth due to adding ingredients such as ginger and black pepper. Talisadi is a herb that sees to the boosting of the immune system. It is a bitter-sweet and hot herb that provides excellent soothing relief for a fever accompanied by a cold. Use 2-3 grams of talisadi powder mixed with honey daily for an effective result.

Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is one of the essential oils used in ayurvedic medicine for clear lungs. With its anti-inflammatory properties, this oil helps clear and soothe the lungs. To treat lung disease, add a few drops in your nostrils to use this oil. Doing this clears up your airways, making breathing less of a task.

Effective Ayurvedic Herbal Drinks for Healthy Lungs

Ayurvedic herbal drinks like the one listed below have been known to offer soothing relief for lung disease and help maintain healthy lungs when used always. 

Cardamom Shot

Cardamom herbal drink effectively reduces inflammation of the lungs and is one of the easy-to-make herbal tea. To make this drink, boil your water in a pot or kettle, add four pods of cardamom and let it boil for 10 minutes. Then, add brown sugar to taste, stir and enjoy.

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea has an active compound and is an excellent herbal tea used to clear the airways when taken in the hot or cold form. Popularly used by the people of India and even sold on the streets and in local restaurants, this herbal tea is one to sip regularly to give us healthy lungs. 

To use this herbal drink, gently chop fresh ginger and put it to boil in a pot of water. Let it boil for 20-30 minutes, and sieve. Let it cool for a few minutes before drinking. 

 Peppermint Tea

Peppermint gives us the soothing menthol feel when taken. This tea is one of the herbal drinks that provide us with a clear and renewed lung. To make this tea, get a bunch of fresh or dry peppermint leaves and boil. Sieve out the content and sip it gently, savoring the menthol flavor. 

Turmeric Shot

Turmeric shots are an excellent herbal drink with limitless health benefits. To make this,  blend your fresh turmeric and black pepper, sieve and add a teaspoon of honey and drink.

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7 Effective Tips to Keep the Lungs Healthy

Breathing in polluted air can do a lot of damage to our lungs. Seeing that we live in an environment filled with a lot of carbon monoxide and manmade air pollution like the smoke from tobacco and other harmful substances, it is pertinent for us to do all it takes to protect our lungs from suffering from some of these avoidable diseases. And this is why we have provided the following tips on keeping the lungs healthy.

1. Steaming

Steaming is one of the effective ways to clear our airways from clogs. You can strengthen your lungs health when you steam with herbs such as peppermint or fresh mint leaves. You can steam by adding the above herb to a pot of water and then gently inhale the vapor or steam. In Ayurveda, this is a process known as Nasya.

2. Honey

 Consuming honey daily can help the lungs be healthy and free from respiratory problems. Its anti-inflammatory properties, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties make it the go-to remedy for most illnesses, and the fact that it has a welcoming taste makes it even better.

3. Ginger tea

Ginger is an ayurvedic herb that helps significantly to boost the immune system. Ginger tea can be taken daily to help improve your lung health.

4. Sesame oil

Sesame oil is an essential oil that aids in cleansing the lungs and helps improve lung functions. Applying a few drops of this oil to your nostrils helps clear your lungs and makes breathing easy.

5. Detox your system regularly.

Regular detoxing can help remove harmful toxins or bacteria that may impede your health. To detox naturally without using artificial ingredients, mix a teaspoon of coriander powder, sauf, cummin seeds and fresh ginger in a pot of water and put it to boil. Boil for 30 minutes, filter the content and leave to cool, then drink. This is one of the best ayurvedic lung cleanses, and it also aids in weight loss.

6. Pranayam

Pranayam is an ayurvedic medicine for fluid in the lungs that helps clean up the respiratory tract, keeping your lungs healthy and free from harmful bacteria. Doing 20-30 strokes is an excellent way to immerse yourself.

7. Use a mixture of cinnamon powder, ginger powder, and turmeric powder

Using these mixtures mixed in water in the morning before a meal and at last thing at night gives you a healthy, powerful lung. These mixtures are also good for your general well-being as it helps to boost your immune system. When combined to make a dish, these herbs help the food to be the best food for lungs Ayurveda.

FAQs About Ayurvedic Remedies for Lung Health

You can’t afford to compromise your lung health. Here are some of the best ayurvedic medicines that you should have on hand at all times.

How can I clean my lungs in Ayurveda?

You can clean your lung in Ayurveda by using Ayurvedic herbs like ginger tea, peppermint tea, or turmeric shot. 

How to have strong lungs in Ayurvedic medicine?

Steaming is one of the many ways to have strong lungs in Ayurvedic medicine. You can steam using different Ayurvedic herbs like peppermint leaves by inhaling the vapor from the steam. 

What is the best herb for lung health?

There are many Ayurvedic herbs for lung health: ginger, turmeric, pippali, rosemary, and many others. 

Is Triphala good for the lungs?

Yes, Triphala is good for the lungs due to its combination of three amazing Ayurvedic herbs, which help boost the immune system and repair damaged tissues. 

What plants help the lungs? 

Mullen plant is an ancient plant that helps remedy people with lung disease. This plant helps open the lungs and clear mucus and also relieve the lung from inflammation. The plant treats cough, pneumonia, and respiratory system issues.


We hope this article has helped answer your questions on the best ayurvedic medicine for the lungs. Have you ever used these home remedies to treat lung disease or infection? Please share your thoughts by commenting below, and don’t hesitate to share this post so that others can also benefit from it.

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