Top 10 Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Leg Pain

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Leg pain is common in people, and it makes them uncomfortable. That is why it should be treated when one starts experiencing such. It would help if you studied the Ayurvedic home remedies for leg pain for an effective treatment. Everything you need to know is discussed below. 

How to Heal Leg Pain According to Ayurveda?

There are several measures you can put in place to heal Leg pain. Eat rice and consume more fruits like lemon and grape. You can also take the milk and apple cider vinegar. Milk contains an ingredient that helps to cure leg pain. It is always important to stay hydrated. You have to drink before and after meals. Whenever you’re thirsty or feeling hungry, don’t delay eating. 

You should eat moderately and do less stressful activities. Even though exercise is important for good health, you should avoid doing it excessively. Cold compress is another effective method that has been known to relieve leg pain for a long time. As you go further, you will learn more about home remedies for bone pain in the legs.

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What are the causes of Leg Pain?

Various factors lead to leg pain. By avoiding them, you can reduce your chances of getting the condition. Some of these factors are explained below. 


Trauma is the main cause of leg pain in most people. It can be through falls or direct blows. Such conditions can damage the bone and lead to leg pain in the long run. 

Stress fractures

In some cases, stress fractures result from traumas in certain body parts. One of them is the March fracture; a metatarsal break causes that. 


When there is an injury, it can result in bleeding into joints. Since the blood can’t be compressed, there will be a painful swelling. Anti-inflammatory property is perfect for treating swelling in such a condition. 


Fracture and broken mean the same thing when talking about bones. The main symptom is the pain that accompanies them. The muscles around the bone even lead to more pain if one is not treated immediately. 

10 Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Leg Pain

1. Snehana

How to treat leg pain using Snehana

Snehana involves the application of medicated oil to lubricate the human body. It can be applied both externally and internally. Another way of taking Snehana is by drinking. It is referred to as Snehapana. Snehapana is one of the fastest means of treating varicose veins. Techniques used in carrying out Snehana include Abhyanga and others. 

2. Virechana

How to treat leg pain using Virechana

Virechana involves the application of medicinal herbs to evacuate the bowel. As it is useful in removing ama, it also helps increase dosha. Another function of virechana is to remove too much pitta in the gallbladder. That is how it helps to treat leg pains resulting from joint disorders. 

3. Raktamokshana

How to treat leg pain using Raktamokshana

Raktamokshana is the process of removing impure blood from the body. No matter where impure blood is located in the body, it will be removed. While some people prefer using a metallic instrument, others use leeches. The process is also effective for treating skin diseases. 

4. Lepa

How to treat leg pain using Lepa

Lepa involves the direct application of specific herbs to the human body. The herbs are converted to a paste form before application. Lepa can be used to reduce pain and swelling. That is why it is one of the best means of treating leg pain. 

5. Asthisanharaka

How to treat leg pain using Asthisanharaka

Due to the wound healing properties found in Asthisanharaka, several people use it to treat damaged tissues. All parts of the plants can be used for medicinal purposes. For the treatment of fractures, the stems and roots of Asthisanharaka are more effective than its other parts. In general, you can use the plant to relieve pain in the leg. 

6. Swedena 

How to treat leg pain using Swedena

In swedena, several therapies are used to induce sweating. One of such methods involves the introduction of heat. Swedana is used to fight off varicose veins and other Vata disorders. It also helps to reduce the heaviness associated with arthritis. 

7. Basti

How to treat leg pain using Basti

Basti is the application of dedoctions in the intestine. It can help to remove all traces of ama in the large intestine. Basti is useful in the treatment of disorders resulting from diseases. Other uses of Basti are in the treatment of musculoskeletal systems. You can use it to treat these conditions alone or combine it with other home remedies for aching legs. 

8. Agni Karma

How to treat leg pain using Agni Karma

It involves placing a burn at a site where there is severe pain. You can use it to treat diseases resulting from excess Vata. Such diseases include arthritis and sciatica. While Agni Karma treats these diseases, leg pain is reduced in patients. 

9. Ashwagandha

How to treat leg pain using Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is an herb that helps to boost the immune system. As a result, it makes tissue healing faster and easier. You can use it to treat fatigue and get relief from leg pain. Since phytoestrogens can be found in the herb, they can help the bone get stronger. 

10. Guggulu

How to treat leg pain using Guggulu

Guggulu is arguably the best herb for curing arthritis. It can be used to heal broken bones and reduce leg pain. It also supports tissue repair and maintains varicose veins. Guggulu works on the digestive and respiratory systems. Guggulu also reduces the impact of blood pressure and helps to eliminate leg pain. 

Effective Tips to Prevent Leg Pain

Leg pain occurs due to certain things. To reduce your risk of getting the condition, you should consider following the tips discussed below. 

Stretch after workout

When you overuse your leg muscles, it can result in pain. To avoid that, you have to stretch after working out. You can start by stretching your calf. 

Position your legs properly

If you want to minimize the chances of you getting leg pain, you should stop standing on thick surfaces. People that stand on thick surfaces for long often experience leg pain. 

Stay hydrated

When there is a reduction in the fluids around your cells, it can lead to muscle twitches. That is why you have to drink enough water. 

Take Calcium

When there is a calcium deficiency, it is easy to develop leg pain. You can take in calcium naturally. You only have to consume milk, yogurt and other nutritious meals. 

Bath with warm water

You can reduce leg pain by bathing in warm water. The heat in the water would help reduce pain by boosting blood circulation to where you are having pain. 

Regulate your workouts

When you over-stress yourself while working out, it can result in leg pain. You should take short breaks and stop when you are tired. 

Replenish sodium

When you sweat, the electrolytes in your body reduce. Since sodium is also lost while sweating, you must replace it with salty foods.

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FAQs About Ayurvedic Treatment for Leg Pain

Which is the best Ayurvedic medicine for leg pain?

Kottamchukkadi Thailam is the most effective Ayurvedic medicine for leg pain. The oil works by relieving Vata dosha imbalance within a short time. It also reduces joint pains and makes it easy for patients to move joints easily. Another great Ayurvedic medicine is the Mahanarayana oil. 

What is a good home remedy for leg pain?

There are several home remedies for leg pain and weakness. You can elevate your feet. You only have to place a pillow under your bed. Make sure you don’t get in bed immediately after work. Take some time to relax and ease into your bed. You can also do yoga practices. 

How can I relieve leg pain instantly?

If you want to relieve your leg pain within a short time, you should take a rest. You can proceed to elevate your leg and see if it works. Another popular instant remedy is the application of ice. Leave the ice for 15 minutes before taking it away. 

Which dosha causes muscle pain?

Muscle pain is caused by Vata dosha. People who experience the condition accumulate toxins in their body system. That is what makes them weak, and they get easily injured. Leg pain can sometimes be associated with lower spine problems and blood clots. 

Which oil is best for leg pain?

Essential oils are perfect for ayurvedic treatment for muscle pain in legs. Even though they have been in existence for a long time, they are still the best. Even though the oil is applied to the skin, it finds its way into the blood and does its work. Some of them include Bergamot, Cinnamon and Geranium. 

What can I drink for leg pain?

You can drink coconut water to reduce pain in the affected area. Some of the essential nutrients in coconut water are calcium, potassium and magnesium. All of them help to reduce muscle cramps. That is why coconut water is common among athletes. It is a natural means of replenishing electrolytes. 

How can I get rid of leg pain?

When you have strong leg pain, you will start feeling uncomfortable, and you might even find it difficult to carry out your daily activities. You can use Ayurvedic home remedies for leg pain to eliminate the condition and be as productive as possible.

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