Ayurvedic Health Tips for Common Cold and Cough

Natural Remedies for Cold and Flu

Natural Remedies for Cold and Cough

Common cold and flu in the winters is quite a common problem and the biggest issue is that it is recurring, where in, just when you think that it is gone, the nose starts to leak again! Not to forget the common problems, like body aches and headaches that also come as a package with the cold and flu.  While most of the medicines that treat cold and flu are sedatives and make you sleepy, the runny nose and regular cough can disrupt the entire day. Assuming the lives that we all live, there is no time to fall sick in times today. We give you the best ayurvedic health tips to beat cold and flu without any harmful side effects and as naturally as possible.

How to Cure Cold and Cough at Home?

Take 100 grams of jaggery and add to it, half a spoon of dried ginger powder and ¼ spoon of ground black pepper. Divide this mixture into four equal parts and consume four times in a day in equal quantities. We bet this would work better than any medicine!

Other ways to help sail the winters without falling sick are:

  • Never use too hot a shower for taking the bath
  • Sleep with the body covered
  • Do not eat anything that has a lower temperature
  • Stay away from dust and smog
  • Cover feet with socks and cover the head. These two parts of the body, if kept warm, protect the body naturally.
  • Do not step out of the house with wet hair

For the overall immunity boost of the body, eat a lot of dry fruits and fresh fruits in the winter season.

If you think common cold and cough have no alternatives, we bet you have not tried this remedy! Thank us later!

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