What Ayurveda Suggests For Solar Eclipse?

Ayurveda and solar eclipse

Ayurveda and solar eclipse closely linked with each other. So, one must be well aware of the specific things which the Ayurveda suggests for solar eclipse or surya graham.

Solar Eclipse 2019

One must consider eating easy to digest and also light foods before and after the surya graham according to Ayurveda. Here are given the important reasons regarding this practice.

The Solar eclipse or surya graham 2019 had commenced in the 2nd July. At that day, the Moon has specifically intertwined between the Sun and the Earth and thereby generating an eclipse of the Sun. So, it was mainly visible over much of the Pacific and also in Chile and Argentina.

In India, the Solar eclipse 2019 timings were as follows: the partial solar eclipse in India began around 10.25 pm IST. On the other hand, the total solar eclipse began around 11.54 pm IST.

There is always an endless list of the questions which comes to our mind in the event of an eclipse. It includes certain things from the diet during the solar eclipse to different other activities which can be performed. The solar eclipse of July 2019 had started from the South Pacific Ocean which again entered Chile and Argentina as a total solar eclipse.

The Things Ayurveda Suggests For Solar Eclipse

Most of the Ayurvedic doctors always talks about the dos and don’ts that are needed to be followed at the time of solar eclipse or surya graham. You can specifically have tulsi tea at the time of a solar eclipse. During an eclipse, pregnant women can opt for raisins. It is also suggested to add dharba grass in the food containers during this time.

Why Most Of The People Consider Avoiding Eating Of Anything At The Time Of Solar Eclipse?

At the time of an eclipse, it is seen that both the intensity and also the wavelength of the light radiations are altered on the surface of the earth. It applies specifically in case of the blue and ultraviolet radiations that are known for its disinfecting properties.

As a result, unavailability of the sufficient quantities of radiation at the time of an eclipse can lead to several problems. One of the related problems includes the uncontrolled growth of the microorganisms in the food products during an eclipse.

This is considered to be the major reason why food products are not suitable for consumption. Hence, it is advised by Ayurveda to stop eating food at least two hours before an eclipse. It ensures the proper digestion of all the food. Along with that, you can also consider practicing meditation at the time of an eclipse.

The sun is known to be the most important source of energy for all living beings. Our energy levels also go down since the sun is hidden at the time of an eclipse. As a result, this can contribute to slow down the overall digestion process.

Hence, one must always stop eating 2 hours before an eclipse in accordance with Ayurveda. Apart from that, the Ayurveda also advises eating easy to digest and light foods mainly before and after the eclipse.

What Specific Precautions Should Be Taken By The Pregnant Women at The Time Of Eclipse?

There is the presence of multiple myths which are in regards to the dos and don’ts for the pregnant women at the time of an eclipse. But, the Ayurveda does not specify any particular precautions which should be taken by the pregnant women.

However, meditating for good health and also staying indoors is advised to them as it tends to have a relaxing effect on both the body and also the mind of the mother.

Most of the people again believe that pregnant women should not eat at the time of eclipse but according to the Ayurveda experts, they can normally eat during the eclipse. But, it is very important for them to consume that kind of light food items which helps to ensure proper digestion.

Final Words

So, it is cleared from the above section that these are considered to be the most important things which the Ayurveda suggests for the Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan.

Apart from that, the Ayurvedic experts also recommend that one must not blindly follow each and every myth which is related to the solar eclipse. Thus, you should always read on the internet but, it is very much important to understand the science behind what Ayurveda recommends.

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