CoronaVirus from Ayurvedic Perspective

Ayurveda and Coronavirus

The world is under trauma due to the constantly rising horrifying effect of Novel CoronaVirus.

As per the sourcesOpens in a new tab., this airborne virus has claimed around 3,300 deaths and 97,000 people are found positive with this COVID-19 infection worldwide.

This so called virus was first found in Wuhan, China. There were lots of myths about it origin at the initial outbreak of the infection and still there is no specific cause has been discovered yet.

Till now, CoronaVirus has affected around 80 countries and thus WHO has declared it as Global Health Emergency.

Global health experts are working very hard to find the vaccine to stop this ever spreading Coronavirus infection.

Unfortunately, still they are trying and there is no cure has been found yet.

Ayurveda and Coronavirus

Among all these myths and mysteries, we have reached to an ayurvedic expert Dr. Pragnesh PatelOpens in a new tab., M.S. (Sahaj Ayurveda, Adalaj) with a curiosity to know that how Ayurveda considers Coronavirus.

He said one most important thing that Virus is called “वायु + रस” in Sanskrit.

According to him, all infections including Coronavirus which are known to transmit through air are called airborne viruses. He also added that in Vedas, there is a cure to stop such airborne transmission of infection from human to human.

As, viruses like Corona are mainly spreading through “वायु” (air) and thus making a healthy change in the surrounding atmosphere can make a big difference when it comes to prevent such infections.

To back up his statement, he cited a sloka (Verse) from “सुश्रुत संहिता” (Sushruta Samhita – a textbook of ayurveda surgery) in which “महर्षि सुश्रुत” (Sushruta – Author) has given a cure by mass fumigation to treat such infections like Novel Corona thousands years ago –

ततो गुग्गुल्वगुरुसर्जरसवचागौरसर्षप
चूर्णैर्लवणनिम्बपत्रविमिश्रैराज्ययुक्तैर्धूपयेत् |
आज्यशेषेण चास्य प्राणान् समालभेत ||१८||
उदकुम्भाच्चापो गृहीत्वा प्रोक्षयन् रक्षाकर्म कुर्यात्; तद्वक्ष्यामः- ||१९||
कृत्यानां प्रतिघातार्थं तथा रक्षोभयस्य च |
रक्षाकर्म करिष्यामि ब्रह्मा तदनुमन्यताम् |

In this sloka (Verse), महर्षि सुश्रुत (Sushruta – Author) has given a remedy in the form of “dhoop”.

Here is the process to prepare this Dhoop for coronavirus –

Simply, you need to mix below ingredients in the same proportion

  • Guggul or Comiphora Mukul (गुगुल )
  • Aquilaria Agallocha (अगुरू)
  • Sarjras (सर्जरस)
  • Acorus Calamus (घोडावज “Vacha”)
  • Mustard (सरसों)
  • Rock Salt (सेंधा नमक)
  • Neem tree leaves (नीम के पत्ते)
  • Pure Clarified Butter (Ghee) of Cow (शुद्ध गाय का घी)

Now, get a cow dung and spread some pure clarified butter of cow and make it fire until it burns completely then spread some dhoop on it…so it will start to burn and fume will generate. Let the smoke spread in every corner of your home. It will kill the bacteria and all types of viral infections from the air and make the air cleaner and healthier.

As Holi celebration is approaching and thus it is the best time to utilise this ancient medicine to make the air cleaner and make it free from the viruses like COVID-19.

In the Holi celebration, people used to fire a huge pile of ignitable materials like wood at multiple places in villages and cities.

Dr. Pragnesh has requested people to use this mixture during holika dahan which will create an elixir smoke known to kill almost all types of virus and bacteria in the air.

In this way, you can protect your village and cities by providing a room to breathe healthier air.

Here is the video where Dr. Pragnesh is showing representing the Dhoop described above –

How to Prevent CoronaVirus (Must Follow Precautions)

There are several precautions you can take to keep yourself protected from CoronaVirus such as –

  • Wash your hands and keep it clean with sanitiser
  • Cover your mouth while sneezing
  • Stay away from sick people or diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Avoid to visit infected places
  • Don’t hand shake
  • Avoid to attend any public conferences and meetings
  • Give proper attention to personal hygiene
  • Even in case of normal cold and cough, cover your mouth with mask
  • If you are feeling high grade fever with cold and cough, consult your doctor immediately

In brief, this is what we got so far from the ayurvedic expert about Coronavirus and the ways to deal with it.

We all know that there is no vaccination is being found for COVID-19 infection yet, but this is what our Vedas has suggested to fight with such health conditions which we can give a try.

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