Apricots Vs Peaches – What Is The Difference?

Apricots Peaches

Peaches and apricots are nothing but fruits hailing from the rose family. While peaches are usually found in the North-Western regions of China, apricots originate from India or Armenia.

As far as the cultivation is concerned, both these fruits need cold weather with the temperature as low as minus 30 degrees Celsius. Apart from being delicious, the fruits are used when desserts or juices are prepared on ostentatious occasions. Even though they have a similar kind of morphology, apricot and peaches differ when several aspects are considered.

Apricots Vs Peaches – Get the Difference

Apricot Vs PeachSize, Shape, and Color

When you observe the size, apricots are relatively smaller than peaches. They bear an oval shape and appear deep red near the surfaces which has been exposed to the sun. On the whole, the fruit is yellowish-orange in color and is characterized by a dry skin.

On the other hand, peaches are round in shape and boast yellow, red and a pink skin. The ova pit of the fruit has deep grooves and can be removed with ease. This characteristic is very much different than apricots because they have a small pit in the middle.

When it comes to stating the texture, both the fruits have a tiny hair on the entire surface. But, apricots have a smooth skin while peaches have a texture synonymous to velvet.


Generally, apricots are much sweeter than peaches. While both are delicious in their own ways, apricots are preferred if you want to tickle your taste buds with something sweet. Even though peaches are juicy than apricots, it is observed that the latter has more sugar.

Nutritional Value

Despite the fact that both the fruits are sweet, they are rich in nutrients. As far as calories are concerned, peaches contain 39 kilo calories whereas apricots have 48 kilo calories.

If you consider 100 grams, then apricots have 1.4 grams of protein which is slightly more than peaches.

Both are a good source of potassium, magnesium, and iron as well as vitamin C and E.

Quite interestingly, the seed of an apricot is known for its medicinal value. But, an individual should never consume the seed of a peach because it is poisonous. When someone chews the seed, the substances can eventually get converted into a toxic compound known as hydrogen cyanide.

Apart from everything else, Vitamin B3 is abundant in peaches and apricots are known to contain high amount of Vitamins B5 and A. The nutritional value of vitamin A is 1926 IU which is far more than 326 IU in 100 grams of peaches.

Health Benefits

Besides the incredible taste, peaches have a lot more to offer. The fruit is not only beneficial to improve the eyesight but also aids in the overall development of bones and maintain the nervous system.

If you eat peaches regularly, then it aids in maintaining the cholesterol level in the bloodstream and gives you relief from cancer and hypokalemia.

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When it comes to health benefits of apricots, these help to get rid of constipation, anemia, skin diseases and cancer. The fruit also improves the cardiovascular system, help to deal with respiratory problems, and reduce weight. The oil of an apricot is extremely beneficial when you are seeking a remedy to treat strained muscles and wounds.

Hope by now you are able to understand the difference between peaches and apricots. Think about including them in your diet or preparing a smoothie for breakfast every day.

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