Everything You Ought to Know about Anal Bleaching

While it might seem completely fine when the skin around the anus becomes dark, some women are always eager to make the skin light. So, as you read ahead, you can go through everything that you need to know about anal bleachingOpens in a new tab..

Anal bleaching became popular since the time adult film actresses thought it to be a way to look pleasant in front of the camera. Later in the year 2010, the trend was revealed in an episode and many people started enquiring about anal bleaching products. As time passed by, the bleaching process became famous as a group activity. The experts are now experienced in treating ladies who had attended bachelorette parties.

While some women may not afford spending on anal bleaching, they can do it all by themselves. But, as they proceed with the steps, the entire process can be risky. Certain chemicals like Kojic acid, azelaic acid, hydroquinone or niacinamide may exfoliate dead skin cells. Excess pigment can also make the skin even more darker than it was before. In case the cream is not applied properly, then it can cause injuries and product can enter the rectum as well as the bloodstream.

So, even when the steps differ while using the products, the lady should always clean the skin and ensure that it isn’t infected due to bacteria. The results may not be as per the expectations, but everything might seem normal due to over the counter products.

Products containing chemicals can lead to side effects. Soon after the treatment, the lady may have to bear an itching sensation, and skin burns. This may be common with the lightening cream and the condition may become severe especially when perianal skin is treated by the cream.

In case the person experiences side effects, then she should avoid using the product immediately. Instead, she should rinse the area thoroughly, and then apply a petroleum-based gel to moisturize the skin.

If the lady is thinking to seek assistance from an expert, then the service can cost around 100 dollars every session. The treatment would be out of the budget when it is carried out for 30 minutes once every week. The individual may observe the results in the first week. But, she may have to go through numerous sessions to get the skin colour according to her preferences.

If you don’t prefer using skin care products, then a laser treatment can work to break down the dark skin pigments. Although the method can cause a prickling sensation, anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen can be used as a numbing agent. In the end, the woman has to go through three sessions soon after the initial treatment.

After a laser treatment, the skin may swell for a couple of days. In some cases, the radiations may cause skin burns and lead to an irritating sensation around the anal canal. This would eventually lead to scars which can’t be removed through any kind of approach.

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How to Bleach the Anus at Home?

Before spending on a bleaching cream, there are many remedies to change the colour from dark to light. So, let’s take a look at some natural remedies that help to restore the colour.

Pearl Powder

Due to the presence of Conchiolin, Pearl Powder helps to enhance the production of collagen. As skin cells are formed, the powder helps to exfoliate the dead cells and boost melanin production due to numerous antioxidants.

Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal has the ability to remove impurities from skin pores. Additionally, the substance can help to get rid of any infection around the anus. The effects would also be observed when the charcoal is mixed with some honey.

Fruit Enzymes

Fruit enzymes can be considered as a skin exfoliator and a natural skin bleach. However, the woman should be careful in using the fruit enzymes and avoid using extracts from citrus fruits. Besides, if the individual prefers to use the extracts, then Papaya and Pumpkin can serve to be the best lightening agent.

Finally, it may or may not be safe to make the skin light once the individual knows why should one get anal bleaching done. Do let us know about your experience as you try out the best treatment.

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