Amazing Health Benefits Of Potato Starch

Benefits Of Potato Starch

Potato starch is nothing but starch obtained from potatoes. In order to extract the starch, the potatoes have to be crushed and the grains have to be obtained from the dead cells. For using it for different purposes, the starch is then thoroughly washed and dried to form a fine powder.

If you had to examine potato starch, then typically it comprises of oval granules that measure 5 to 100 μm in size. As the extract contains less amount of protein or fat, the powder is white in color and is known for its neutral taste, binding strength, and extraordinary texture.

Apart from the physical properties, the starch is viscous in nature because it contains 800 ppm phosphate. This aspect makes it popular as a gluten-free substance when you need to use it for baking and as a thickener in different kinds of recipes. Since the starch is obtained from a multistep process, it is actually flavorless.

Canned soups, breads, muffins, spice mixes, and prepackaged foodstuffs are some of the items which would have potato starch in the list of ingredients. But, if you come across potato flour then it shouldn’t be confused with potato starch.

potato starch

So, as you scroll ahead, you can have a look at the nutritional facts and the incredible potato starch heath benefits.

Potato Starch Nutritional Facts

As far as potato is concerned, it contains several nutrients like calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, and Vitamin C as well as B. But, on the other hand, it’s surprising to know, that potato starch doesn’t contain minerals and vitamins.

If you take one tablespoon of starch, then the calories are as much as 40 calories. While it contains zero percent of protein, fat and fiber, the carbohydrate content is 10 grams. Even if the composition doesn’t seem good, a person can always think about many health benefits when he uses potato starch.

Health Benefits Of Potato Starch

Regulates Blood Sugar

Under the list of ‘resistant starch’, potato starch serves to be helpful when the blood sugar level needs to be regulated.

According to a study published in a journal, consuming resistant starch can always aid in fighting away metabolic syndrome. As compared to people who were taking placebo supplement, resistant starch improves the insulin sensitivity to a certain extent. This means that when the pancreas secretes insulin in the blood, the hormone is far more capable to control the sugar level in the blood. In fact, the resistant starch keeps the digestion process under control and doesn’t cause the sugar level to increase.

If you are having diabetes, then you should consider including potato starch in your diet. Apart from lowering the blood sugar level, the substance helps in optimizing the triglyceride and the cholesterol level. So, for better results, you should drink a glass of coconut or almond milk by stirring two tablespoons of potato starch. The best time to take starch is when you are falling asleep soon after having your meal.

Helps for Weight Loss

Known to be one among the list of resistant starch, potato starch helps you to stay healthy by reducing weight. Since the starch doesn’t get digested in the tract of the intestine, the molecules help for building healthy gut bacteria / microbiome. This is nothing but good bacteria which eliminates bad bacterial strains. As the bacteria starts multiplying, the toxins are flushed out and the hormones are regulated to a better extent. Moving ahead, it helps to breakdown fat if the person has put on weight for quite some time.

Improves The Skin Tone

If you want to make your skin soft and glow like never before, then an anti-aging potato starch mask would work wonders.

In order to prepare the mask, you need to two tablespoons of potato starch, 1 egg white, half a spoon of grated cucumber, half a spoon of lemon juice, half a spoon of honey, half a spoon of French green clay, and quarter spoonful of ground hyssop flower.

So, if you are wondering about how to prepare the face mask, then you need to beat an egg in a bowl and later mix rest of the ingredients.

Once you apply the solution to the face and skin, you should allow it to dry for a time span of 10 to 15 minutes. Soon after that, you need to wash your face with warm water and wipe it clean with a soft cloth.

Reduces Food Cravings

Consuming potato starch on a regular basis can actually fill your stomach and control the appetite effectively. AS compared to potatoes, the starch contains a few calories which you needn’t worry about. Once you stop craving for food, you would stay lean and would be in a better position to meet your fitness goals.

Detoxifies The Body

Since potato starch contains high level of phosphorous, the gluten-free substance helps in flushing out toxins through urination and excretion. Moreover, electrolytes like phosphorous aid in balancing the level of uric acid, water, sodium and fat within the body. This in turn helps to enhance the role of kidneys as the organs work towards eliminating toxins.

Keeps The Person Energetic

Phosphorous present in potato starch helps to regulate Vitamin B which produces energy in form of ATP. Besides helping to maintain the mood, the element also controls muscle movement in case the person is experiencing weakness for a long time.

Helps In Strengthening The Bones

Since potato starch contains 6 percent of Calcium, the substance aids in making the bones stronger.

Moreover, the iron present in the starch helps to enhance the process of bone formation.

Apart from the amazing health benefits, potato starch is something that is very much easy to cook. Once you have added it to gravies or soups, the starch doesn’t show a tendency of foaming or adding a yellowish tinge to the liquid. In case you think of another substitute to potato starch, then you would land up preparing a thick, glue like paste. The situation may arise when you are thinking of adding potato flour.

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