What is 6% CBD oil?

If you’ve shopped for CBD oil at a retail store or online, you’ve definitely spotted the range of numbers printed on the label.

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Those varying units of measures, some milligrams, some percentages can easily confuse the layman. The figures specify the potency of the product and are important from the point of viewing of dosing.

So, whether you’re confused about what is 6% CBD oil and how it is different from its 3% and 9% counterparts, don’t bother. We’ll explain the math right here.

Is knowing the potency important?

Depending on what form of CBD you buy and the brand you purchase, there is a wide selection of CBD blends. While they all use CBD extract as the base ingredient, they mix in other elements such as essential oils, beeswax, aloe vera etc for their added benefits.

It is vital to known the strength of the product because:

  1. It determines the effectiveness of the product (including how quickly it will begin to show results)
  2. It dictates the cost.
  3. It also decides the right dose for you.

How is the strength of the CBD product measured?

The potency of the CBD product is usually given as milligrams or percentage. On a CBD bottle it is worded as 1000mg or 3% or 6%. The strength of the product is not the same as the total amount of cannabidiol present in it.

The milligram measure, while it specifies the total amount of CBD in the product, it is not the correct estimate of the strength of the product. That’s because the volume of the product may vary. CBD oil can be sold as 10ml, 20ml, 50ml or 100ml bottles. Thus, if you buy two CBD bottles, one of 10ml and the other of 20ml both containing 600mg CBD, the 10ml bottle will be stronger than the 20ml bottle.

CBD oil doses are measured as drops. The percentage of CBD per drop will be less in the 20ml bottle than it will be in the 10ml bottle. The 20ml bottle while it contains the same amount of CBD as the 10ml bottle, the former has a larger quantity of carrier oil.

What do the percentages on your CBD bottle mean?

The percentage, say – 3%, 6% or 9% – is the actual, accurate measure of CBD concentration in your product. It tells you exactly the quantity of CBD per drop.

Thus, the per drop concentration in:

Therefore, whenever you want to know the correct potency of the CBD product, always check the total CBD content (in milligrams) to the volume of the product (in ml).

3% CBD is quite a weak dose and it might be a while before you see results. The 6% CBD oil is a good entry level threshold to start with.

What will be the right dose for you?

Based on these calculations you will need to adjust your dose, increasing it for lower concentration products and reducing it for the higher ones.

Another important factor to consider is whether the product uses isolate or full spectrum CBD. Isolate includes only CBD while the full and broad spectrum includes other cannabinoid compounds as well. Therefore, while 1000mg isolate will be 1000mg CBD, a full spectrum may be 600mg CBD and 400mg other active compounds.

Most of all deciding the right dose for you involves listening to your body. Check how your body reacts to the current CBD dose and adjust it accordingly.

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