5 Health Benefits of Raw Papaya

Health Benefits of Papaya

Raw Papaya is just green in colour and can be eaten in a variety of ways. Our personal favourite is the Spicy Chutney made with green papaya and the Indian gooseberry (Amla) with loads of green chilies. You can even try the raw green papaya salad, which children amazingly love due to the tangy and velvety texture of the fruit. Even better is cooking it as a vegetable with a spicy curry and retaining the nutrition with cooking on a low flame.

Benefits of this raw green fruit extend to various zones with maximum benefits to liver and internal health of the body. Here are five health benefits of raw papaya to the body.

Raw Papaya Benefits
Health Benefits of Raw Papaya

Raw Papaya Benefits

  1. Green Papayas are natural cleansing agents and a regular intake of this cleanses the body of all the toxins and foreign pollutants thereby clarifying blood and making the metabolism better.
  2. Raw papayas are also used in traditional Indian medicine and Ayurveda for treating all liver related ailments including jaundice.
  3. Raw Papayas contain the correct balance of vitamins that are needed for the normal functioning of the body and help in firming of the skin and tightening the wrinkles.
  4. Raw Papaya preserves are best consumed by children for auto immunity boosting power and keep the body safe from common cough and cold.
  5. Raw Papayas also re-hydrate the body and maintain the thickness of blood thereby providing relief from high blood pressure.

The prime ingredient in Liver ailment treatment, green Papaya can also be grated and applied as a face pack for tightening the skin and reducing the effects of age. Preventive and curative for wrinkles, spotting and tanning, raw papaya face masks are also freely available in the market.

We bet you will never look at a raw papaya in the same way after reading this!

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