13 Considerations For A Nipple Piercing

Considerations For A Nipple Piercing

If you are eager to pierce your nipples, then you should probably think twice. Though nipple piercing might be the latest trend, you have check out what your heart says. So, here are some considerations that can drive you forward in making the right decision.

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Things to Consider When it Comes to A Nipple Piercing

1. Embarrassed to Show the Upper Body

Unless you have a close friend or a person whom you could trust, you would certainly hesitate to lift the shirt. While everything would be managed with professionalism, you would always be conscious about the bikini area. But if you are conservative, then you might not wish to get undressed even if you have met the person before.

2. Capable of Bearing the Pain

Like any piercing, getting nipples pierced is certainly going to hurt for a couple of seconds. As the pinch doesn’t last long, you would be able to tolerate the pain. But, if the skin is extra-sensitive, you should always think if it’s worth to opt for nipple piercing. After all, many individuals do claim that piercing a delicate area can make her uneasy and make the pain unbearable.

3. Following the Aftercare Instructions

As piercing is going to take a year to heal, you must always be regular and committed to clean the area. Initially, the person might observe blood oozing out from the area, but that doesn’t mean that you are going to look gorgeous. You should always let time decide on how you would look. Imagining something in your head would certainly not work.

4. Planning for a Tropical Vacation

Soon after piercing, you should avoid immersing yourself in hot tubs and ocean water. So, if you have set the dates for a vacation, you should probably wait. Once the year rolls by, you can then think about swimming and playing with water.

5. Being Conscious About Others

If you’re wearing a piece made from lightweight metal, then the bump would certainly appear distinct. If that’s the way you wish to exude style, then it’s actually fantastic. But, if you are grooming yourself for a meeting or a corporate event, then you have to double check through the mirror. Before stepping out, you should make sure that you aren’t showing off beyond your intentions.

6. Taking Care of Sensitive Nipples

For some people, piercings that increase sensitivity can be a bonus. It can easily turn someone on when you seek pleasure during sex. It would also make foreplay much hotter.

But, if you are not that kind of a person, then you might feel something different once anybody touches the nipples. This would completely ruin the fun even when you have the urge to play with your mate.

7. Number of Piercings

It wouldn’t appeal you to get both the nipples pierced. But, you can choose one of them or both. Moreover, you can think about the barbells that would dangle from the area. Just make sure you have figure out everything before you go to the parlor for the next appointment.

8. Carrying Out a Research

You shouldn’t pierce your nipples at a crappy parlor. Rather, you should gain confidence only after you have spoken with your friends and sought satisfied customers. In case you come across the website, then you should look for the expert’s experience and go through reviews.

9. Setting Aside Money

Depending on whom you visit, nipple piercing can actually be expensive and costs more than your expectations. While some may charge 40 dollars, the cost can go up to 75 dollars if you need to purchase a jewelry piece. But, whatever it might be, you should remember to ask the price and then think of proceeding ahead.

10. Being Aware of the Risks

There’s always a chance if your body would adapt to the piercing. This may happen rarely, but to keep yourself away from the risks you need to visit an experienced and skilled expert. In any case, you would have to remove the barbell and think about something else.

11. Following the Instructions

For avoiding skin infection, you always need to wear soft bras for some time. Make sure you don’t touch the area because the infection is bound to spread. This implies that you should stir up the excitement when someone is indulging in sex and is about to touch the chest. Simply say ‘no’ for a few months.

In case your mate tends to rip the bra off, make sure that the barbell doesn’t get entangled. You might have to pay a huge price if the skin gets affected and piercing gets ruined.

12. Thinking About the Idea

Be sure about why you need to pierce your nipples. Don’t ever opt for the trend if you think that you would feel confident and appear cute. Make up your mind depending on the skin tone and your own body. Don’t let others influence you even when you don’t prefer nipple piercing.

13. Being Committed to Piercing

If you are going to opt for piercing, then you should put on the jewelry piece only if you wish. The ring is not something that you would be putting on again and again. You should be committed in whatever you do and feel proud about the trend.

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